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2013年5月28日 星期二


上海迪士尼樂園奇幻童話城堡的施工今日(2013年5月24日) 正式啟動,這標誌著上海迪士尼度假區開發過程中的又一重大里程碑。作為世界上最高最大的一座迪士尼城堡,奇幻童話城堡將是上海迪士尼度假區的主題樂園——上海迪士尼樂園內的標誌性中心景點。在今天這一重要時刻,施工團隊將城堡的第一根永久混凝土樁打入地基,以此啟動城堡的全面建造。

Construction began today on Shanghai Disneyland's Enchanted Storybook Castle, marking another key milestone in the development of Shanghai Disney Resort. The Enchanted Storybook Castle, designed to be the world's tallest and largest Disney castle, will be an iconic central attraction of the resort's theme park, Shanghai Disneyland. The milestone was commemorated today when workers installed the first permanent concrete piles to support the full build-out of the castle.

佇立在主題樂園心髒位置的奇幻童話城堡將成為迄今為止最具互動性的迪士尼城堡,城堡內設有娛樂、餐飲和表演等豐富空間。城堡的中心是一座令人嘆為觀止、蜿 蜒而上的階梯,引領游客開啟一段「漫遊童話時光」的神奇旅程。所有迪士尼公主將在此與大家見面,為遊客帶來一段惟有迪士尼可提供的無與倫比的難忘體驗。城 堡還將成為樂園內一船載遊樂項目的壓軸場景,在城堡底部的密室裡,五光十色的噴泉將在閃爍的水池中搖曳舞動,使遊客沉浸在神奇、音樂和繽紛色彩之中。

The Enchanted Storybook Castle will be stationed at the heart of the theme park and will be the most interactive Disney castle yet, complete with entertainment, dining and performance spaces. A magnificent winding staircase in the heart of the castle will lead Guests on a "Once Upon a Time Adventure," featuring all Disney Princesses, and will provide unparalleled and memorable experiences which only Disney can offer. The castle will also feature a boat ride attraction complete with a secret underground chamber, in which fountains of light will leap and dance in shimmering pools, surrounding Guests with magic, music and color.

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