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2014年1月14日 星期二

"Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade" 資訊 (2014年1月) – 續 (The Maleficent Dragon)

繼上星期與大家分享過由"Orlando Attractions Magazine" 嘅攝影師所影到嘅兩架已經抵達咗WDW 嘅花車後,官方喺不久之前就透過Disney Parks Blog 發佈咗兩張有關另一架花車嘅相片!

The Maleficent Dragon!WDI 喺今次就用咗機械人嘅形式嚟製作呢條魔龍,都幾特別!

Stretching 35 feet in length and reaching 26 feet above the parade route, the Maleficent Dragon has been designed in partnership with Tony Award-winner Michael Curry, whose previous collaborations with Disney Parks have included the “Tapestry of Nations” parade at Epcot and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Copy from Disney Parks Blog).

"Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade" 將於今年春季喺華特迪士尼世界度假區(Walt Disney World Resort) 嘅「神奇王國」樂園(Magic Kingdom Park) 正式「上演」 !

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1.  First Look:Maleficent Joins the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade,’ Coming to Magic Kingdom Park (From:Disney Parks Blog)

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