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2014年2月26日 星期三

香港特別行政區 2014-15年度政府財政預算案:旅遊業發展


88. 旅遊設施方面,海洋公園大樹灣水上樂園和迪士尼鐵甲奇俠總部的建造工程已經逐步展開;啓德郵輪碼頭大樓和首個泊位去年六月投入服務後,郵輪公司和旅客對碼頭的設施和服務都感到滿意,碼頭第二個泊位工程亦進入最後階段,將於年內啓用。「飛躍啓德」的規劃和設計概念國際比賽正在進行,目標是把這個項目發展為矚目的國際級旅遊、娛樂和休閒樞紐。

88. On tourist facilities, the construction of the waterpark at Tai Shue Wan in the Ocean Park and the "Iron Man Experience" in the Hong Kong Disneyland has commenced by phases.  The terminal building and the first berth of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal came into operation last June.  Cruise lines and passengers have found the Terminal's facilities and services satisfactory.  With construction works now in the final stage, the second berth is planned to be commissioned this year.  "Kai Tak Fantasy" ― International Ideas Competition on Urban Planning and Design is now under way, and it is our target to develop the site into a spectacular world-classtourism, entertainment and leisure hub.

90. 美利大廈酒店項目已成功招標,連同海洋公園的海洋酒店和迪士尼第三間酒店,落成後可提供超過一千五百個房間,增添多元化和有新意的優質酒店選擇。

90. The hotel project at the Murray Building site has been successfully tendered.  Upon commissioning, this hotel, together with the Ocean Hotel in the Ocean Park and the third hotel in the Hong Kong Disneyland, will provide altogether over 1 500 rooms, offering more diverse and novel choices of quality hotel accommodation.

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