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2014年2月7日 星期五

Disney Infinity 會加入Marvel 以及Star Wars 人物?

Disney Infinity 呢個電視遊戲喺上年八月中正式登場 (歡迎 按此 重温相關嘅介紹),而近日喺外國網站就有消息傳出Disney Infinity 會加入來自Marvel 以及Star Wars 嘅人物!

以下內容係節錄自METRO 嘅其中一篇報導:
The Wall Street Journal has more specific information that ‘new versions’ of Disney Infinity featuring Star Wars and Marvel characters are in development.

The original game included everyone from Jack Sparrow to Mickey Mouse to Woody from Toy Story, with new characters and settings being added via Skylanders style collectable figurines.

Since The Wall Street Journal doesn’t specifically mention a sequel it could be that the Star Wars and Marvel content is going to be introduced via new collectables to add to the existing game, and that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are just ports of the original.

It all depends on whether Disney sees the game as being a yearly sequel or not, which is impossible to tell at the moment (Copy from


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1. Disney Infinity 2 to feature Star Wars and Marvel claims report (From:METRO)


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