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2014年3月13日 星期四

「迪士尼星級款待 2014」官方新聞稿

「迪士尼星級款待」 送上快樂共聚良機
逾7,000演藝人員貼心殷勤 精心炮製窩心驚喜

Enjoying Magical Surprises with Family and Friends during “Star Guest Program” presented by our 7,000 Cast Members!


Heartfelt hospitality and service have been at the core of Hong Kong Disneyland. Since opening, the park has welcomed more than 46 million visitors; and every year, the Star Guest Program is one of the popular events among our guests. This year, our 7,000 Cast Members created playful new Magical Moments and Star Experiences for guests to enjoy the unexpected fun with their families and loved ones. Hong Kong Disneyland is truly the perfect place where happiness is all around you.

       今年的「迪士尼星級款待」將於 3月20日至5月18日舉行,為期60天,亦是賓客成為「奇妙處處通」會員的最佳時機,一連串的會員優惠隨即送上,讓快樂延續下去。

This year’s “Star Guest Program” will last 60 days from March 20 to May 18. It is also a good time to join the “Magic Access” membership for special member promotions to continue the happiness throughout the year.


Anita Lai, Director, Marketing at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, said, “During the Star Guest Program, our Cast Members work together to create a lot of exciting and inventive ways to engage guests. This year, the Cast have put on their creativity caps to bring surprises and delightful moments that will make your day even more magical and memorable, bringing happiness personally to our guests.”


Guests may be invited to partake in a game on the Main Street U.S.A, or they may bump into Goofy the Conductor and his marching band. The park has also created character and land-themed props such as photo frames in sizes perfect for both adults and children, as well as fun and iconic character-inspired elements like Mr Potato Head’s nose and beard and Buzz Lightyear’s body parts for guests to turn photo-taking into a more fun-filled and immersive experience. 

親子同樂       締造溫馨天倫樂
Happiness truly surrounds families

“Dusty’s Sky School”

“Star Princess Tour”

“Princess Makeover Party”

“Princess Makeover Dinner”

“Chef Mickey’s Class”


Parents can choose to enjoy some Star Experiences according to their children’s favourite characters. In the all new “Dusty’s Sky School”, parents and our younger guests can design and create their own airplanes and then test their flying abilities in some aerial challenges. Guests will also be able to take a picture with our very own 3D Dusty. In the “Star Princess Tour”,the little guests will be able to meet the princesses, participate in the Princess storytelling time, learn some etiquette tips to prepare for their royal duties, star in a special procession moment and watch the “Flights of Fantasy Parade” in the special “Very Important Princess” viewing area. Girls will also love our “Princess Makeover Party” or “Princess Makeover Dinner” where our Fairy Godmother-in-training will transform little girls into Disney princesses and to enjoy a Princess Tea set or Dinner with Princess Dessert with their mothers.

If you are a budding chef, we also have some activities for all flavours and ages. Unleash your creative culinary talent at the all-new “Chef Mickey’s Class”, where guests can decorate their own Mickey-and-Minnie-inspired cupcakes and enjoy a buffet lunch at Chef Mickey. Don’t forget to take a few snapshots with the Queen of baking, Minnie Mouse!

歡聚慶祝       體驗窩心快樂
Happiness truly warms the hearts

“Duffy Dessert Decoration Class”

“Disney Deluxe Tour”

“Star Photography Package”


Whether birthday or anniversary, Children’s Day, Easter holiday, Mother’s Day or even just a simple weekend get-together, Hong Kong Disneyland has a splendid array of food options for guests to enjoy and share the happiness with their loved ones.


Guests can join the new “Duffy Dessert Decoration Class” with their dessert-loving friends to decorate a Duffy-inspired cake. Guests will first enjoy the afternoon tea before the class, and Duffy the Disney Bear may even make a surprise appearance! The Duffy-themed apron and chef hat are also exclusively made for the participants to take home. Furthermore, guests who select the “Disney Deluxe Tour” are invited to explore the park in a three-hour exclusive tour. Don’t forget to check out our “Star Photography Package”, which features a dedicated personal photographer for one hour to capture guests at different iconic locations around the park.

“Jessie’s Snack Roundup”

“Royal Princess Dinner”

“Star Fireworks Dinner”

       下午茶時間,賓客在「反斗奇兵大本營」的翠絲小食車可以品嚐全新推出的「芒果都樂軟杯」和「芒果都樂梳打」,與朋友分享甜蜜。參加「公主晚宴」的賓客猶如置身於皇室宴會中,享用豐盛的自助晚餐。迪士尼公主們更會出席晚宴與賓客共享快樂時刻。此外,「星級煙花晚餐」 讓賓客可以一邊享用餐前特飲,一邊與迪士尼朋友合照,並在VIP專區欣賞「星夢奇緣」煙花表演後,於廣場飯店享用中式晚餐。

For afternoon tea, swing over to Jessie’s Snack Roundup at Toy Story Land to try the latest “Dole Mango Fruit Whip” and “Dole Mango Fruit Whip Soda”, which are so scrumptious guests will want to yodel like Jessie about how delicious they are to all their friends! After an entire day of fun, wind down at the “Royal Princess Dinner”, where a buffet and guests’ favourite Disney princesses await! For a truly awe-inspiring option, book a table at the “Star Fireworks Dinner”, where guests cool down with a mocktail drink and have their photo taken with a Disney friend before standing under the stars in the prime VIP viewing location to watch “Disney in the Stars” fireworks. Guests then return to Plaza Inn to enjoy a full course Chinese dinner to end their perfect day.

The best time to become our Magic Access Member!


After the launch of “Toy Story Land”, “Grizzly Gulch” and “Mystic Point”, Hong Kong Disneyland now has a lot more to offer, and one day is simply not enough to explore every corner of a place bursting with adventures and stories! Guests can upgrade the 1-day ticket to a “Magic Access” starting from extra HK$400 to enjoy year-round exclusive promotions and ever-changing seasonal event offers to continue the happiness all year round!

德仔『飛』常特訓」、  「星級公主之旅」、
  ·     白金卡會員可以港幣$225 帶同4位賓客入園體驗「迪士尼星級款待」
  ·       金卡會員可以港幣$225 帶同3位賓客入園體驗「迪士尼星級款待」
  ·       紅卡/銀卡會員可以港幣$225 帶同1位賓客入園體驗「迪士尼星級款待」
樂園會不時舉行會員特別活動,如遊樂設施率先試玩 及送贈會員獨有的小禮物等。

Magic Access Members Discount for Star Experiences
Dustys Sky School, Star Princess Tour, Royal Princess Dinnerand Chef Mickeys Class
Bring a Friendoffer
Members can bring their friends and families to enjoy the Star Guest Program:
        Platinum Card Member can bring 4 guests to enjoy the Star Guest Program at HK$225
        Gold Card Member can bring 3 guests to enjoy the Star Guest Program at HK$225
        Silver or Red Card Member can bring 1 guest to enjoy the Star Guest Program at HK$225
Other privileges
Magic Access members are able to participate in exclusive events, such as previews to new shows and attractions and receive exclusive gifts


優惠價尊享星級體驗 (「奇妙處處通」)
Magic Access Members Discount for Star Experiences

Experience sky high fun in the all-new Dusty’s Sky School


Dusty the crop duster, who dreams of being a competitive racer in the Disney movie Planes, will be touching down at Hong Kong Disneyland during Star Guest Program period.


Introducing the brand new Dusty’s Sky School, join in some adventurous sky high fun with Dusty as you enter the world of Planes. Delight in some bonding time with your child where you can enjoy some themed activities and see if you can help Dusty make his checkered-flag dreams to come true!


Magic Access Platinum and Gold Card Members enjoy special discount on this privileged Star Experience! Make your reservation now and share the fun!

*Minimum one child (aged 3 -11) plus one Guest aged 16 or above is required per booking. Maximum 3 Guests per party.

# Magic Access member discount may only enjoyed by the Magic Access member personally.

  1. 以上資料及團費只供參考,將隨時作出更改。
  2. 『德仔「飛」常特訓』名額有限,售完即止。敬請提前預約。
  3. 以上價目並不包括入場費。
  4. 已預訂德仔「飛」常特訓之賓客,須於下午1:45前往香港迪士尼樂園美國小鎮大街的動畫藝術教室集合。

  1. The above information and prices are for reference only and are subject to change.
  2. Dusty's Sky School is subject to availability. Advance reservation is required.
  3. Park admission is not included in the price.
  4. Guests who have booked Dusty's Sky School will meet at Animation Academy, located at Main Street, U.S.A. in Hong Kong Disneyland, at 1:45pm.

Enter the elegant world of Princesses with the Star Princess Tour


Seize the chance to spend precious time with your little girl as you enter the elegant world of Princesses with the Star Princess Tour! Let her learn how to become a real Princess as well as have the opportunity to meet some of her favorite Disney Princesses in up close and exclusive environments. Enjoy the new interactive storytelling at Royal Banquet Hall plus enjoying the Flights of Fantasy Parade from your exclusive VIP viewing location. Don’t forget to come dressed in her favorite Princess outfit to make it a truly magical experience!


Magic Access Platinum and Gold Card Members enjoy special discount on this privileged Star Experience! Book now and be immersed in a world of happiness!

*Minimum one child (aged 3 -11) plus one Guest aged 16 or above is required per booking. Maximum 3 Guests per party.

# Magic Access member discount may only enjoyed by the Magic Access member personally.

  1. 以上資料及團費只供參考,將隨時作出更改。
  2. 「星級公主之旅」名額有限,售完即止。敬請提前預約。
  3. 以上價目並不包括入場費。
  4.  於2014年3月29至30日及4月5至6日,「米奇金獎音樂劇」演出將會暫停。
  5. 已預訂「星級公主之旅」之賓客,須於上午10:30前往香港迪士尼樂園幻想世界的皇室宴會廳正門集合。

  1. The above information and prices are for reference only and are subject to change.
  2. Star Princess tour is subject to availability. Advance reservation is required.
  3. Park admission is not included in the price.
  4. "The Golden Mickeys" at Storybook Theater is not available on March 29-30 and April 5-6, 2014.
  5. Guests who have purchased Star Princess Tour will meet at Royal Banquet Hall, located at Fantasyland in Hong Kong Disneyland, at 10:30am.

Enjoy a royal dining experience at the Royal Princess Dinner


The Royal Princess Dinner, an extraordinary dining experience that only Disney can deliver, features an exquisite buffet dinner in regal surroundings followed by a visit by some of our most elegant Disney Princesses. Just a perfect finale to the night!

      「奇妙處處通」會員參加「公主晚宴」星級體驗,可享園內餐飲折扣優惠!立即致電+852 3550-3388預訂餐座,以美食分享快樂!

Magic Access Members can enjoy their In-Park Dining discount on this privileged Star Experience. Call +852 3550-3388 now to reserve your place!

  • 公主晚宴須最少兩位賓客預訂方可享用。

  • A minimum of 2 Guests per booking are required to enjoy the Royal Princess Dinner.

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