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2014年7月19日 星期六

Adventure Trading Company @ Disneyland park!

美國兩岸嘅Disney Parks 都幾鍾意喺近期推出一啲同賓客互動嘅體驗,當中更加係同主題園區嘅故事有關聯。官方喺不久之前就公佈將會喺今年8月1日開始喺加洲迪士尼樂園(Disneyland park)嘅「探險世界」(Adventureland)入面推出一個名為「Adventure Trading Company」嘅互動體驗。

以下為官方簡介 (轉載自Disney Parks Blog):
The birds who sing words tell us that a new merchant is opening soon for a limited engagement beginning August 1. Adventure Trading Company will be a provisions and publications company with a knack for selling goods that send the buyers on wild adventures. At the end of these adventures are Adventureland relics known as Juju. These unique artifacts reflect the ancient traditions and importance of storytelling in Adventureland. Collect Juju! Collect adventures! Collect stories!


1. Dateline Adventureland: Adventure Trading Company Opening Soon at Disneyland Park (From:Disney Parks Blog)

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