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2014年7月28日 星期一

香港迪士尼樂園度假區 榮獲 香港管理專業協會優質管理金獎


Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Wins HKMA Gold Award
for Quality Management
      香港迪士尼樂園管理有限公司榮獲香港管理專業協會(協會) 2014年度優質管理獎最高榮譽──金獎,表揚公司在管理香港迪士尼樂園度假區(樂園度假區) 的卓越企業管理。樂園度假區對於成為香港首個獲得此項殊榮的旅遊景點,深感榮幸。



創意娛樂 豐富旅遊



重視員工 關愛社區




Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited received the prestigious Gold Award from the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) at the 2014 HKMA Quality Award ceremony this evening. A Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) spokesperson said it was deeply honored to become the very first tourist destination to win the esteemed award from the Association.

HKMA praised Hong Kong Disneyland for its management excellence, reflecting the resort’s commitment to quality guest service and providing the best Disney experience to its guests. It acknowledged HKDL’s effort in forging an excellent management culture, which enables it to incorporate the creativity of its Cast in providing perfect guest experiences. The HKMA’s Board of Examiners and the Panel of Judges noted that HKDL’s success will inspire other companies to emulate its high standards.

During an acceptance speech for the Gold Award, Hong Kong Disneyland Managing Director Andrew Kam said, “Our business is really all about having great people and great corporate culture. These two ingredients go hand-in-hand. This award inspires us to work harder to continue living up to even higher expectations for excellence.”

A creative entertainment company operating in the tourism sector

HKMA lauded Hong Kong Disneyland’s commitment to developing and deploying total quality management, which is dedicated to making guests the top priority so they can dream and experience Magical Moments. HKDL has proven itself a managerial success thanks to strong workforce governance, guest-centricity, internal operational measurements and strategic planning, leading to growing profits and upcoming park expansions.

HKDL is entirely guest-centric, and takes feedback from its globally diverse guests seriously. The resort also draws in new visitors by gauging consumer insights and implementing cutting-edge social media campaigns, along with fresh attractions introduced regularly.

Innovation is also a focus, spurring on locally-based initiatives like the seasonal Star Guest Program. Other homegrown efforts include annual Halloween festivities and region-specific offers like Halal food for guests with dietary needs.

Despite being a relatively new industry force in Asia, HKDL has provided value-added services to the community through creativity and conservation-related programs, community outreach efforts through the Disney VoluntEARS, and charitable efforts that bring underprivileged groups to the park for free.

The award also recognizes the resort’s strategic planning, operational excellence and workforce development. HKDL is dedicated to providing a fun and engaging workplace and investing in its Cast Members. Ground-breaking internal Cast initiatives include the industry-first 5 Day Work Week, with extra pay for the 6th day worked. HKDL’s also nurtures its young workforce with rewards and easily identifiable potential career paths.

The Gold Award likewise focuses on comprehensive internal measurements, for which HKDL stresses project knowledge learning, in-depth feedback from its various internal reviews, and inter-departmental collaboration.

After just nine years of operation, HKDL remains focused on its goal of being a premier leisure destination in the region, and will continue to refresh and expand its offerings in order to attract new guests, train new Cast Members, and support the surrounding community to bring happiness and unique Disney experiences to all. New offerings in coming years include a brand new “Disney Paint the Night” parade in October, 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2015, the much-anticipated Iron Man Experience in late 2016, and a resort-style hotel in 2017.

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