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2014年7月18日 星期五

Haunted Mansion 主題動畫快將登場!

為慶祝加洲迪士尼樂園(Disneyland park)嘅經典遊樂設施「幽靈公館」(Haunted Mansion)將於今年踏入45週年,官方正式公佈將會推出一套以「幽靈公館」為主題嘅動畫,更多詳情有待官方公佈。

以下為相關嘅官方簡介(轉載自Disney Insider):
Disney Television Animation is in development on “Haunted Mansion,” a special for Disney Channel and Disney XD, inspired by the popular Disney Parks attraction. Legendary horror genre artist and children’s book illustrator Gris Grimly (“Gris Grimly’s Wicked Nursery Rhymes”) is attached to executive produce and art direct with Scott Peterson executive producing, story editing and writing and Joshua Pruett consulting producing and writing, both of Phineas and Ferb.


1. Haunted Mansion Attraction Inspires Spooky Animated Special (From:Disney Insider)


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