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2014年9月16日 星期二

「迪士尼黑色世界 2014」活動簡介

全新「迪士尼光影匯」隆重登場 締造全新角度的晚間樂園體驗

Lights of mystery permeate the Park during Disney Haunted Halloween
The all-new "Disney Paint the Night" parade beginning in October allows guests
the opportunity to experience the Park in a new perspective


This October, guests visiting Hong Kong Disneyland at nighttime will see the Park in a whole new light. The brand new "Disney Paint the Night" parade starting from October 1, together with "Disney Haunted Halloween", will amaze and mesmerize our guests as light creates vibrancy and mystery at the Park.


Featuring an all-new show "Horrors of the Amazon", "Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire" and more ominous entertainment offerings, the Haunted Halloween footprint will spread from Adventureland and seep into many other themed lands. Available from October 2, on every Friday to Sunday in October, guests will see a different Hong Kong Disneyland at night time as they journey through many new eerie and mysterious stories.

The all new "Horrors of the Amazon" show will be staged at the Theatre in the Wild.

"Horrors of the Amazon"
       樂園更首次邀請本地藝人參與演出,藝人陳國邦會主演探險家Jonas Brisbane,向賓客講述其亞馬遜森林的歷險之旅,期間怪事連連,神秘的故事人物和情節引人入勝。

The show will feature local celebrity Power Chan Kwok-pong who will act as the adventurer Jonas Brisbane and narrate his thrilling tale of his adventures in the Amazon. His illustrious adventures and foreboding encounters will capture and enthrall guests. This is the very first time Hong Kong Disneyland is engaging a local celebrity as a performer in a show.

"Fantasyland Masquerade Ball"

"Tomorrowland - Party Zone"

"Tomorrowland Boutique"


The mysterious world of lights seeps across the Park and presents a different nighttime atmosphere. In Fantasyland's Fantasy Garden, Mickey and his friends are hosting a masquerade ball this Halloween. At the Tomorrowland - Party Zone, All NEW array of music, dance, luminescent stage performances and interactive games bring guests exciting entertainment options. Guests can pay a visit to the Tomorrowland Boutique to be "painted" in luminous make up by our professionals and to immerse themselves further in the stunning fun of the vibrant "Disney Paint the Night". All new spray tattoo are also available inspired by some of the famous characters appearing in the all new nighttime parade.

"Babyhead", "Legs" & "Ducky"

"Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire"

"Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair"

"Graves Academy" & "Revenge of the Headless Horseman"


Toy Story Land, has been invaded by more of Sid's mutant toys including "Babyhead", "Ducky" and "Legs", who have all taken up residence in an attempt to escape their ever destructive owner.The popular "Sideshow Extraordinaire" in Adventureland, "Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair", "Graves Academy" and "Revenge of the Headless Horseman" will return this year for more haunting fun.


Night tickets for Disney Haunted Halloween are priced at HK$340 and will be available as of September 1. Call out your friends to join the party!

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© Hong Kong Disneyland Resort



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