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2014年9月12日 星期五



“Disney Paint the Night” debuts on October 1 to bring a new nighttime pectacular to Hong Kong Disneyland

       全新「迪士尼光影匯」夜間巡遊進入20天最後倒數期,將於10 月1日正式登場,在10月至12月期間配合節慶活動「迪士尼黑色世界」「迪士尼雪亮聖誕」,為賓客締造非一般的香港迪士尼夜間體驗。巡遊由7組全新主題的花車組成,配上超過74萬粒獨立LED燈,以躍動光影展現不同的迪士尼及迪士尼·彼思動畫故事,照亮美國小鎮大街的每個晚上。

The all-new “Disney Paint the Night” parade will officially debut on October 1.  Together with “Disney Haunted Halloween” and “Disney Sparkling Christmas, Hong Kong Disneyland will dazzle our guests with a totally new nighttime spectacular experience.  The “Disney Paint the Night” parade features seven original floats containing over 740,000 individual lights and this nighttime spectacular will bring to life Guests’ favorite Disney and Disney∙Pixar stories in magical, luminescent worlds every night.


“With Disney Paint the Night, Hong Kong Disneyland will be transformed into an outdoor moving party with vibrant colors and music every night.  During the Cast Members’ preview nights we staged last week, our Cast Members were completely wowed by the spectacular experience and embraced the exciting atmosphere and exhilarating fun.” said Andrew Kam, Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

In September, the Park will invite more than 100,000 guests from various spectrums, including media, bloggers, celebrities, business partners, Magic Access members, and Cast Members and families, to preview the nighttime parade. 


Technological innovations set the imagination free: Disney Paint the Night lights up the Dark


The brand-new “Disney Paint the Night” is a first ever fully LED parade created by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The creative team spent more than two years developing over 1,000 scenic and lighting designs to ensure ‘Disney Paint the Night’ will ‘wow’ our guests in a totally new and innovative way.


“Disney Paint the Night” has seven creative floats including Tinker Bell Opening Unit, Monsters, Inc. Unit, Cars Unit, The Little Mermaid Unit, Belle Candlelight Unit, Toy Story Unit, and the Mickey & Friends Finale Unit.  In this all new technologically advanced parade, Mickey is going to “paint the night” in dazzling Disney dreams of light, and with the scintillating powers of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Mickey and his friends create fantastic visions, which come to “light” the streets of Hong Kong Disneyland.

光影閃爍效果  服飾髮型化妝創意展現

Illuminated costumes and makeup to wow the Guests


The vibrant lights are featured not only on the floats, but also on Disney characters, dancers and props. More than 80 Cast Members per night are involved in presenting this never-seen-before nighttime parade.


Over 25 different styles have been applied in the design and construction of the costumes and many of them were designed especially for this parade. Each costume has its own very sophisticated system of lighting controls.


The talented Cosmetology team (hair, wigs and make-up) at Hong Kong Disneyland has developed a new technique to create fiber optic wigs that can be styled to create a beautiful glowing effect.  They also developed exquisite fiber optic eyelashes that can change color which significantly enriches the whole parade performance.

互動光影製造商品  變色娛樂無窮

Interactive merchandise makes color changing unlimited fun

       互動元素能豐富賓客的娛樂體驗。「迪士尼光影匯」 設有兩個表演停留點,賓客可透過全新互動「光影製造」商品-「米奇光影畫筆」改變特定表演者服飾上的燈光顏色。而巡遊花車亦可啟動魔法,令現場「光影製造」商品,包括:「米妮光影頭飾」「米奇光影手套」變成一致的主題顏色,讓賓客盡情投入巡遊當中。

Interactivity is always the key to enhancing guests’ immersive experiences. During two show-stop moments in the “Disney Paint the Night” parade, guests will be able to “paint the night” with the all-new “Made with Magic” merchandise — “Mickey Magic Paint Brush” — literally changes the colors on select costumes at the touch of a button.  The floats can also “talk” to all the “Made with Magic” merchandise, including the “Mickey Glow Mitt” and “Minnie Glow Bow, and can change the colors of these items so guests can actively become a part of the parade.

配合餐飲娛樂  多元化晚間體驗

An assortment of entertainment and food & beverage options completes the all-sensory nighttime experience


The Park has also prepared a variety of specialty food and beverage options with a glowing and glittering theme to further complement this brilliant nighttime experience.


To further celebrate the vibrant spirit of “Disney Paint the Night”, guests can pay a visit to the Tomorrowland Bootique and be “painted” in colorful make-up by our professionals before joining the party fun with DJs or enjoying the Park’s all-new illuminated stage performances at the Tomorrowland Party Zone.


Lights of mystery permeate the Park during Haunted Halloween


Featuring an all-new show “Horrors of the Amazon, “Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire” and more ominous entertainment offerings, the Haunted Halloween footprint will spread from Adventureland to multiple other themed lands.  Available from October 2, on every Friday to Sunday in October, guests will see a different Hong Kong Disneyland at nighttime as they journey through new eerie and mysterious stories.

       「亞馬遜驚魂」特備節目將於指定晚上於原野劇場上演,樂園更首次邀請本地藝人參與演出,藝人陳國邦會主演探險家Jonas Brisbane,向賓客講述其亞馬遜森林的歷險之旅,期間怪事連連,神秘的故事人物和情節引人入勝。

The all new “Horrors of the Amazon” show will be staged at the Theatre in the Wild.  The show will feature local celebrity, Power Chan Kwok-pong, who will act as the adventurer Jonas Brisbane and narrate his thrilling tale of his adventures in the Amazon.  His illustrious adventures and foreboding encounters will capture and enthrall guests. This is the very first time Hong Kong Disneyland has engaged a local celebrity as a performer in one of our shows.


The mysterious world of lights seeps across the Park and presents a different nighttime atmosphere. In Fantasyland’s Fantasy Garden, Mickey and his friends are hosting a masquerade ball this Halloween. The popular “Sideshow Carnival Extraordinaire” in Adventureland, “Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair,” “Graves Academy” and “Revenge of the Headless Horseman” will return this year for more haunting fun.  Toy Story Land, has been invaded by more of Sid’s mutant toys including “Babyhead,” ”Ducky” and “Legs,” who have all taken up residence in an attempt to escape their  destructive owner.


Through the “Disney Paint the Night” nighttime spectacular, plus special seasonal events for the fall and winter, guests can explore a never-before-seen experience of vibrant lights and to immerse themselves into a Disney night that is beyond imagination.  The nighttime enjoyment continues after the parade as guests can enjoy the climax of their evening by viewing the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks Spectacular.

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