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2015年3月26日 星期四


香港迪士尼樂園  呈現春日景緻
慢慢玩 細細拍  體驗全新主題活動

Vibrant Blossoming Decorations Magnify Spring Fun at Hong Kong Disneyland
 Appreciate the Beautiful Moments for Your Perfect Spring

From now till May 31, 2015, Hong Kong Disneyland will be decorated with vibrant floral displays inviting guests to savor the essence and spirit of spring with family and friends. Make yourself and your loved ones the stars of the season with our all-new Star Experiences, and take a breather in between enjoying the park's attractions to capture the joyous moments and all the beautiful moments. This is the time to slow down and take a breath of fresh air of the season.

暢遊春日迪士尼  細賞主題鮮花
Frolicking Amid Themed Floral Blooms
       春日萬物萌芽,最適合與親朋好友出外走走,享受春天氣息。踏入樂園美國小鎮大街,鮮豔奪目的鮮花佈置將吸引賓客的目光;走到城堡前的「春日迪士尼繽紛拍照熱點」米奇老鼠及多位迪士尼朋友置身於繽紛的花圃中嬉戲。迪士尼小熊Duffy 及ShellieMay相約到樂園郊遊野餐,更在花園玩捉迷藏;唐老鴨與姪兒走到樂園觀鳥,旅程充滿滑稽場面。賓客在樂園慢玩暢遊時,可以捕捉多個風光如畫的場景細節,與家人朋友分享笑意洋溢的美好畫面。

The season of new beginnings is an ideal time to frolic in the flourishing natural surroundings. In Main Street, U.S.A., guests will be welcomed by the uplifting floral scents of spring blossoms portraying Disney scenic stories. Disney's beloved friends will also be celebrating spring's arrival. One of the Vivacious Springtime Photo Fun locations can be found in the floral beds filled with vibrant flowers in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Guests will find Mickey and friends enjoying springtime as only they know how. Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay are enjoying a picnic and a game of hide-and-seek. Donald and his nephews are on a bird-watching adventure and Goofy is showing off his green thumb expertise with a spot of gardening. You will not be able to resist smiling at the comical antics. Enjoy your springtime visit as you capture all the small beautiful bounties throughout the park.

全新主題體驗活動 拍下真摯笑臉
Capture the most precious and cherished moments

A brand new Frozen experience at Hong Kong Disneyland promises plenty of priceless moments for you and your children to enjoy. Young guests will be invited to put on their regal attire and join the park's newest royal "Frozen" Processional. The junior princesses and princes will join the royal entourage of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna in a daily processional at the castle where their newest royal subject can share in the warm applause and this most special of moments. Capture the memory you will surely treasure for a lifetime.


Cinderella's elegant glass slipper is exquisitely showcased in Fantasyland. This dream come true photo location gives everyone the courage and opportunity to make your own dream become a reality. Young princesses can also experience a taste of royalty when they indulge in lunch and a royal make-over before meeting one of their favorite Disney princesses at the Princess Makeover Lunch. Guests can challenge their friends or foe to an exploration and treasure hunt around the park with the all-new Disney Treasure Hunt and seek out mysterious locations that are known to only a few people.

Disney Treasure Hunt

細味主題美食 共聚快樂時刻
Memorable and Glorious Dining

Delight in a family tea break with a regal afternoon tea featuring Frozen-themed delicacies at the Royal Banquet Hall. Young guests can try their hand at making a DIY "Frozen Fever" themed photo frame in this "Frozen" Afternoon Tea and Fun experience. As night falls, treat yourselves to the Star Fireworks Dinner and enjoy a sumptuous full-course Chinese dinner at the Plaza Inn, along with prime views of the "Disney in the Stars" fireworks in a VIP area. Make good use of the Star Photography Package to capture each and every memorable moment of this enchanting springtime experience.


Hong Kong Disneyland will also launch a series of "Frozen Fever" and Easter themed merchandise, giving guests more gifts to choose from and bring home!

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