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2015年4月4日 星期六


Trees Put Roots Down in Treasure Cove

Horticulture create immersive experiences to tell Disney stories

As construction of Shanghai Disney Resort continues, the resort’s horticulture team has also been hard at work selecting unique trees and shrubs to plant in each of the resort theme park’s different theme lands to help create unique immersive guest experiences featuring a wide range of flora from across China and around the world. As part of this process, this week the horticulture team marked a major milestone with the planting of an 18 meter tall Chinese Chestnut Oak (Quercus chenii) in its new permanent home in Shanghai Disneyland’s Treasure Cove theme land.


The tree, which was moved from its hometown Zhejiang, could ultimately grow to over 30 meters and will become the tallest tree in the theme park’s Pirates-themed land. The tree will join over one thousand meticulously selected trees, and countless bushes and ground cover plants to create an immersive environment for telling extraordinary stories of the Pirates of the Caribbean.


At each Disney park and resort, horticulture serves as a key component in creating a blend of classic Disney storytelling with uniquely-designed and finely-crafted attractions. Horticulture is part of the bigger story Disney tells, and is used as a huge outdoor stage for setting the show, with trees, shrubs, and flowers playing the roles of props and even featured stars.

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