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2015年6月2日 星期二

晶荷軒 首推「XO辣椒醬」外賣裝 與 「醫神海鮮雞肉包」

XO Chili Sauce is now available for takeaway and "Baymax Bun" arrives Crystal Lotus
       喜愛晶荷軒美食的賓客又有口福了!備受食客好評的「晶荷軒XO辣椒醬」將推出外賣裝(每瓶100ml 港幣$198元),由香港迪士尼樂園酒店中菜廚師長梁樹華師傅自家精心調研,選用上等乾瑤柱、金華火腿、蝦子及一級指天椒等配料製成,當中不添加額外人造色素及防腐劑,恰到好處的辣度與鹹香令人再三回味。「奇妙處處通」會員於2015年9月30日前購買「晶荷軒XO辣椒醬」,更可獲八折優惠。

Good news for fans of Crystal Lotus! The renowned "Crystal Lotus XO Chili Sauce" is now available for takeaway (Each bottle: 100ml at HK$198). Proudly presented by Disneyland Hotel Chinese Chef de Cuisine Leung Shu Wah, the Chili Sauce is crafted with top quality Conpoy, Yunnan Ham, Shrimp Roe and Red Chili, and does not involve any additional artificial coloring and preservatives. Magic Access Members can enjoy 20% off discount for any purchase before September 30, 2015.


Moreover, our chef has exquisitely designed and developed the cutest "Baymax Bun", our big white lovely hero is refreshingly made with healthy ingredients such as seafood and chicken. It is available in Crystal Lotus starting from June 11 onwards. Alike the other character dim sum, a 24-hour advance booking is required for weekends and public holidays lunch period, and a 48-hour advance booking is required for weekdays.

賓客若想預訂或查詢,請致電+852 3510-6000

Please reach us at +852 3510-6000 for any bookings and enquiries.

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