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2015年9月1日 星期二

「奇妙處處通」會員優先試玩「迪士尼黑色世界 2015 — 詭城玩失蹤」預演

“Disney Haunted Halloween Preview 2015” For Magic Access Members


This year at Disney Haunted Halloween, frightful fun is extended far and wide to the great outdoors, permeating the once thriving and bustling lands and transforming them into Ghost Towns inhabited by the long since dead. Magic Access Members are invited to the “Disney Haunted Halloween Preview” to experience the dark and frightening journey!


Magic Access members can register for “Disney Haunted Halloween Preview” with up to 3 other Members. Registration will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

~ 日期及時間(Date & Time)~

Magic Access Members & Media Night
日期(Date):September 17, 2015(Thursday)
時間(Time):4:30p.m. - 11:00p.m.
截止登記(Registration Deadline):September 15, 2015   11:59p.m.

Magic Access Members Platinum and Gold Card Members Night
日期(Date):September 19, 2015(Saturday)
時間(Time):4:30p.m. - 11:00p.m.
截止登記(Registration Deadline):September 17, 2015   11:59p.m.


Please present your valid Magic Access Membership Card in person at Ticket Booth 1, which is on the left hand side of the Park entrance at the designated time on the selected event date to redeem the event wristband and event guide in order to enter event area. All Participants are required to wear the event wristband at all time during the event.

活動手帶換領時間:活動當日 下午2時正 至 晚上8時30分
Event Wristband Redemption Time: 2:00p.m. – 8:30p.m. of the Event Date



- 如八號或以上颱風信號於預演活動當日下午1:15仍然生效或於下午1:15後才懸掛,整個活動將會取消。如八號颱風信號於下午1:15前除下或改發較低颱風信號,活動將如期進行,活動手帶換領處將延遲至信號除下3.5小時後才開放。
- 如活動當日早上受黑色暴雨警告信號影響,活動手帶換領處亦會於信號除下後3.5小時才開放。
- 請瀏覽「奇妙處處通」會員專頁(查詢惡劣天氣下活動的最新安排。

Inclement weather arrangement:

- If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above remains hoisted at 1:15pm on the event day, the entire Preview Event will be canceled. If Typhoon Signal No. 8 is cancelled before 1:15pm, the event will continue as scheduled, the event wristband redemption booth will be opened 3.5 hours after the signal is cancelled.
- If Black Rain Storm Warning Signal is hoisted in the morning of the event day, the event wristband redemption booth will be opened 3.5 hours after the signal is lowered.
- Please check out the latest event arrangements during inclement weather at the Magic Access Member Site (

- 下午4時30分後, 「反斗奇兵大本營」、「迷離莊園」及「灰熊山谷」將只供活動賓客進入。
- 「森林河流之旅 — 咒石迷蹤」會於晚上7時起開放予活動賓客。所有旅程將以廣東話演出。
- 部份「迪士尼黑色世界」活動會於晚上7:00後開始 。
- 活動賓客可於晚上8時15分煙火後繼續於園內享用遊樂設施,至晚上11時樂園關閉。
- 《魔雪奇緣》冰雪小鎮於活動期間將繼續開放,但活動期間的「夏雪節盛演」將不會派發預約證。每場人數有限,先到先得,額滿即止。盛演時間請參閱活動指南。

*Special attraction arrangement:

- Toy Story Land, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch will only be accessible by Event Guests after 4:30p.m.
- “Curse of the Emerald Trinity” will be opened exclusively to Event Guests from 7pm. The journey will be performed in Cantonese only.
- Most Halloween elements will be available after 7:00p.m.
- Event Guests can stay in the Park after the Fireworks at 8:15p.m. until the end of event at 11:00p.m.
- “Frozen” Village will be opened during the event but NO “Frozen” Festival Show reservation pass will be available. Show seats are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis. Please refer to Event Guide for show times.

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© Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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  1. 我是銀卡會員,請問預演是否已經額滿?因我找不到報名的地方。