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2015年12月16日 星期三

香港迪士尼樂園 個人化「10週年閃亮匙扣」(HKDL Personalized 10th Anniversary Key Chain)

Create your unique souvenir with our first launch personalized 10th Anniversary key chain

       幸福回憶各有不同,樂園商品店特意為您帶來全新驚喜的個人化商品,推出「10週年閃亮匙扣」,成就專屬於您的《Happily Ever After》紀念品!

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort knows every happy moment varies so the merchandise shops has specially prepared you a customizable merchandise, the personalized 10th Anniversary key chain so you can have your unique "Happily Ever After" souvenir!

      首次推出的個人化匙扣以慶祝樂園10週年為主題,共有22款不同閃亮配飾任您自由組合。個人化匙扣的基本設計每枚售港幣$198,包括一款魔法書造型底座、一個米奇形狀匙扣或掛鏈、一款《Happily Ever After》字句配飾,以及自選一款城堡配飾及一款迪士尼人物配飾,共5組配件組合成您專屬的「10週年閃亮匙扣」;若想匙扣設計更豐富一點,賓客可額外選購「10」字吊飾或米奇形狀吊飾,並讓演藝人員在米奇形狀吊飾上為您刻製自選英文字母,更顯特別。

This first launch personalized key chain is Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversary themed, and there are a total of 22 accessories for you to freely add on with. A basic personalized design cost HK$198, it includes a magical book base, a Mickey head shaped key ring (or other key chains), a "Happily Ever After" wording accessory, a castle accessory and a Disney character accessory. A total of 5 components bring you your unique personalized 10th Anniversary key chain. If you want to make the key chain with more elements, you can add a "10" or Mickey head shaped dangle as well. What's more, you can also ask our cast members to engrave your initials on the Mickey head shaped dangle to make it the one and only.

       立即到樂園百貨店創造您的「10週年閃亮匙扣」,會員更可同時選購限量「奇妙處處通」專享吊飾,週邊鑲滿閃石的米奇形狀吊飾背面刻有「Magic Access Exclusive」標誌,絕對值得珍藏!

Come visit Emporium and create your Personalized 10th Anniversary Key Chain, Magic Access Members can choose to add on an exclusive "Magic Access" dangle which has shimmering accessories surrounding the Mickey head and with "Magic Access Exclusive" engraved at behind! Create yours now!

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