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2015年12月8日 星期二

細看 華特‧迪士尼先生 的辦公室

(Michelle Lund, Jennifer Goff, Joanna Miller, and Bob Iger)

為慶祝位於柏本克(Burbank)的華特迪士尼製片廠(The Walt Disney Studios)踏入75週年,華特迪士尼檔案館(Walt Disney Archives)於近年致力為華特‧迪士尼先生(Mr. Walt Disney)的辦公室進行修復工程。官方在美國時間12月7日的早上安排華特‧迪士尼先生的孫女Joanna Miller、Jennifer Goff 和 Michelle Lund 聯同 華特迪士尼公司行政總裁羅伯特‧艾格先生(Mr. Bob Iger)為修復後的辦公室主持開幕儀式。華特‧迪士尼先生的辦公室將會開放予華特迪士尼公司的員工、演藝人員和到訪製片廠的賓客參覲,而官方亦會在2016年邀請指定的D23會員參觀辦公室。

Walt Disney’s Office Suite Restored As Permanent Exhibit Space

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger joined Disney Legends, members of the Disney family, and other Disney luminaries to dedicate Walt Disney’s newly restored office suite on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank today. The restoration faithfully re-constructs Walt’s formal and working offices and includes original furnishings, some items from his collection of miniatures, awards, and his piano. Office suite 3H was carefully restored and re-envisioned by Walt Disney Archives staff as an immersive exhibit experience where Disney employees and studio guests can find inspiration by visiting the creative center of the studio that Walt so loved.

“We put this permanent exhibit together to serve as a source of inspiration,” said Iger during the ceremony, “a reminder to have great ambition, to take bold creative risks, to constantly innovate and push the limits of possibility, to relentlessly pursue perfection, and to tell fantastic stories that touch peoples’ hearts. That was Walt Disney.”

This new, permanent exhibit is dedicated to the creative genius of Walt Disney and presents the history of the man and the company he founded through artifacts and images. There will also be rotating exhibits on various Disney subjects to celebrate anniversaries, films, and events throughout the Company’s history from 1923 to the present day. The first exhibit is dedicated to Kem Weber, the architect who designed the look and feel of the Studio lot, which opened in 1940. Weber also designed furniture for the Studio, and his designs, along with concept artwork, will be showcased for a limited time.

Walt Disney’s office will be open to Disney employees, cast members, and studio visitors. In 2016 it will be added to tours of the Studio lot and Archives that D23: The Official Disney Fan Club regularly offers to its Gold Members.

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