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2016年2月5日 星期五

恭喜《Inside Out》及《The Good Dinosaur》榮獲本屆「視覺效果協會」(Visual Effects Society)四項殊榮!

恭喜 迪士尼.彼思《玩轉腦朋友》及《恐龍大時代》(台譯:皮克斯《腦筋急轉彎》及《恐龍當家》)榮獲本屆「視覺效果協會」(Visual Effects Society)四項殊榮!恭喜各個製作團隊!獲獎項目如下:

Congratulations to Disney.Pixar's "Inside Out" and "The Good Dinosaur" winning the awards in the Visual Effects Society! Congratulations to the entire team!

“Inside Out”

- Outstanding Animated Performance in an Animated Feature

“The Good Dinosaur”

- Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature

- Outstanding Effects in an Animated Feature

- Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature

Disney, Pixar, & Visual Effects Society

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