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2016年3月16日 星期三

《Rivers of Light》表演戲服 簡介

「迪士尼動物王國」樂園(Disney’s Animal Kingdom park)全新夜間表演《Rivers of Light》將於 2016年4月22日 隆重上演,表演戲服由 紐約設計師 Irina Kruzhilina 親自設計。

官方簡介(轉載自Disney Parks Blog):
The four costumes combined feature 81 different embroidery motifs, 180 different fabrics and more than 250 various bead designs. Because the two storyteller characters, Assema and Aditya, transcend time and location, inspiration for the costumes was drawn from Native American, European and Far Eastern cultures. If you look close enough, you’ll notice that some beading appears as if it was handcrafted from stone and metal centuries ago – but the same costumes also feature modern glass work, blending time and culture together. The costumes for Ambu and Ketu, the acolytes, reflect the clothing of their teachers, but is more conducive to that of an apprentice with pants and sashes.

Walt Disney World Resort

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