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2016年4月30日 星期六


MARVEL《美國隊長3:英雄內戰》(Marvel's “Captain America: Civil War”)現正上映,本篇網誌特別綜合了所有本網曾在Facebook專頁上與大家分享的有趣電影資料,以作記錄。

~ 1 ~

2015年6月18日,MARVEL漫畫最經典戰役的第一場重頭戲在「松林亞特蘭大影城」(Pinewood Atlanta Studios)正式開拍!「復仇者聯盟」分裂成以「美國隊長」及「鐵甲奇俠」為首的兩個陣營,進行生死搏鬥,其緊張刺激程度是三集以來最高!導演將這場經典戰役命名為「Splash Panel」,就有如漫畫中的「跨頁版面」(Double Panel)一樣震撼!

On June 18, 2015, on the backlot of Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the first scenes of the historic “Civil War” scenes began shooting, pitting the Avengers against each other with teams led by Captain America and Iron Man. For Joe and Anthony Russo shooting the so-called “Splash Panel” Civil War sequence was something that they had looked forward to for a long time. They refer to it as the “Splash Panel” because it is like a double panel illustration in the comic book.

~ 2 ~

在《美國隊長3:英雄內戰》首次亮相,又名鐵查拉(T’Challa)的「黑豹」(Black Panther),將會是MARVEL電影中首位非洲美國人主角,並於2018年上映其個人電影。

One of the most anticipated additions to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, making his debut in “Captain America: Civil War,” is T’Challa aka Black Panther. In casting the pivotal character that will become the first African-American standalone franchise in 2018.

~ 3 ~

伊莉莎伯‧奧森(Elizabeth Olsen)飾演的「紅女巫」,今集將以復仇者身份登場。對於「復仇者聯盟」因拉哥斯(Lagos)一役造成無辜傷亡,而被政府要求監管,「紅女巫」為此陷入兩難。奧森解釋:「比起被政權監控,其實她更害怕傷及無辜。最後她還是決定支持『美國隊長』,因為『自由』是最重要的!」

Elizabeth Olsen returns as Scarlet Witch, now a full-fledged member of the Avengers team. But after a messy mission in Lagos results in collateral damage, the government steps in, creating a situation where Scarlet Witch has to choose a side. “Basically it ends up being this argument politically about whether or not the Avengers follow their own rules or if they should follow the government rules and become a government-regulated union,” explains Olsen. “At that point of the film, Wanda’s more terrified of causing harm to people than choosing a political side. She ends up fighting with Cap’s team. It was more about being accepted and less about actual political beliefs.”

~ 4 ~

MARVEL《美國隊長3:英雄內戰》取景之地遍佈全球,除了以「松林亞特蘭大影城」(Pinewood Atlanta Studios)作為主要拍攝景地外,製作團隊更特意遠赴德國(Germany)、奧地利(Austria)、冰島(Iceland)、波多黎各(Puerto Rico)、印度尼西亞(Indonesia)、巴西(Brazil)及 英國(England)等多國取景,務求拍出真實感,令觀眾更投入!

Apart from the Pinewood Atlanta Studios, the filmmakers also went to Germany, Austria, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Brazil, and England to film Marvel's “Captain America: Civil War”.

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