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2016年4月1日 星期五

「Tiffin」餐廳 將於2016年夏天登陸 Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

華特迪士尼世界度假區(Walt Disney World Resort)公佈將於今年夏天在「迪士尼動物王國」樂園(Disney’s Animal Kingdom park)內的「Discovery Island」開設一間名為「Tiffin」的主題餐廳,「Tiffin」在 印第安語 中的意思是指旅客的餐盒,餐廳一共設有252個座位 以及 提供餐桌服務。

餐廳主要為非洲(Africa)、亞洲(Asia)和 南美洲(South America)三大主題區域。

官方簡介(轉載自Disney Parks Blog):
“All the senses are explored and turned into amazing works of art,” said O’Brien. “The galleries, or dining rooms, focus on Asia [Trek Gallery with 74 seats] and Africa [Safari Gallery with 64 seats], and the third [Grand Gallery with 114 seats] pays homage to animal species that the Disney Conservation Fund works to protect.”

The travel-inspired artwork includes a static, three-dimensional piece that features prayer flags blowing in the wind. “As our research team traveled up the high mountains of Nepal, the winds were strong,” explained O’Brien. “The prayer flags are rarely seen hanging, they are always blowing.” This portrayal of the motion is realistically captured in the display which will hang above a corner booth in the Trek Gallery.

Walt Disney World Resort

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