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2016年6月16日 星期四

香港迪士尼樂園度假區 邀您參加「奇妙處處通」仲夏晚會(“Magic Access Summer Party”)

香港迪士尼樂園度假區 誠邀您參與於2016年7月舉行的「奇妙處處通」仲夏晚會,尊享特別為會員而設的難忘驚喜派對。會員可以獨家盡享「明日世界」及「幻想世界」兩大園區,一次過體驗多個前所未有的全新驚喜,暢玩一個奇妙的晚上!晚會賓客更可以於晚會範圍內裝扮成您喜愛的「迪士尼朋友」,投入派對的氣氛!

You are cordially invited to the Magic Access Summer Party, which will be held in July. You can exclusively enjoy Tomorrowland and Fantasyland with lots of fun and surprises that have prepared for you! Bring home with magical memories you have ever dream for! To be part of the party atmosphere, you are invited to dress up as your favorite Disney character in party area!

活動日期:2016年7月1日(星期五)、2016年7月8日(星期五)、2016年7月15日(星期五)及 2016年7月22日(星期五)

Event Dates: July 1, 2016 (Friday), July 8, 2016 (Friday), July 15, 2016 (Friday) & July 22, 2016 (Friday)

活動時間:晚上6時30分 至 晚上10時正

Event Time: 6:30p.m. – 10:00p.m.

活動內容(Event Details):

Surprises from “Star Wars™: Tomorrowland Takeover” 

1. 嘉賓主持將於「絕地聖殿」(「絕地聖殿武士特訓」)帶來多個互動遊戲!
1. Exclusive Star Wars-themed interactive moments hosted by the special guests only at Jedi Temple (stage of Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple) for a limited nights!

2. 有機會親身見証由 Phasma 隊長 率領「風暴兵」於「明日世界」威武巡邏的震撼場面!
2. Captain Phasma and her squad of Stormtroopers will make a dramatic arrival moment into Tomorrowland!

3. 獨家與「黑武士」Darth Vader、Seventh Sister「帝國判官」、Phasma 隊長 及「風暴兵」近距離接觸!
3. An exclusive chance to meet Darth Vader, Seventh Sister Inquisitor, Captain Phasma, and her Stormtroopers!

4. 4至12歲的會員更有機會參與全新「絕地聖殿武士特訓」,成為「絕地武士」!
4. Members aged 4-12 can have a chance to join the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple!

 Magical Experiences in Fantasyland

1. 仙杜瑞拉公主(灰姑娘)及 愛麗絲 會隨時現身「幻想世界」,與您一同遊玩園區遊樂設施!
1. The classic Disney Characters, Cinderella and Alice may experience an attraction with the guests and create some Magical Moments!

2. 迪士尼《魔雪奇緣‬》的愛莎女皇、安娜公主 和 小白 以及 長髮公主樂佩瑪麗 等「迪士尼朋友」將會在「幻想世界」與賓客見面!
2. Meet the favourite characters including Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf from Frozen, Rapunzel, Marie and more!

3. 一眾「迪士尼朋友」包括穿上金光閃閃禮服的米奇米妮高飛唐老鴨等;《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》的愛麗絲白兔先生以及紅心皇后;「迪士尼小熊」Duffy及朋友等將在「幻想世界」出現!
3. Your beloved Disnetmy Friends including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald decked out in their gold formal attire; Alice, the White Rabbit and Queen of Hearts; Duffy and friend, and more will also appear in Fantasyland!

4. 特別安排只供晚會賓客觀賞的《迪士尼魔法書房》會員專場!
4. Exclusive Mickey and the Wondrous Book show for the enjoyment!

Other Exclusive Experiences

1. 5折餐飲優惠,盡享奇妙滋味滋味
1. 50% off delicious meals

2. 購物滿 港幣 $200 即可獲贈「星戰餐具套裝」一套(價值 港幣 $88)
2. Spending HK $200 on merchandise to get a Star Wars Bowl and Cup Set (Original Price: HK $88)

3. 「星戰光劍DIY」尊享7折
3. 30% off on Build your own Lightsaber

4. 以優惠價 港幣$99 換購「愛莎女皇唱歌公仔」(原價 港幣 $368)
4. Redeem a Singing Elsa Doll at HK $99 (Original Price: HK $368)


Please present your valid Magic Access Membership Card and personal identification in person at Ticket Booth 1, which is on the left hand side of the Hong Kong Disneyland Park entrance at the designated time on the selected event date to redeem the event wristband. All Participants are required to wear the event wristband at all time during the event.



Event Wristband Redemption Location: Ticket Booth 1, Main Entrance

Event Wristband Redemption Time: 2:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. of the event date

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