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2016年7月21日 星期四

迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(Disney‧Pixar's “Finding Dory”)電影資料

迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(Disney‧Pixar's “Finding Dory”;台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)現正上映,本篇網誌特別綜合了所有本網曾在Facebook專頁上與大家分享的有趣電影資料,以作記錄。

~ 1 ~

迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)「故事圖版」多達 103,639張,遠超《反斗奇兵 3》(台譯:《玩具總動員3》)的 49,651張!

103,639 total storyboards were delivered to editorial in Disney‧Pixar's “Finding Dory” (49,651 were delivered for “Toy Story 3”)!

~ 2 ~

在 迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)的 魔鬼魚大遷徙 場面中有多達5,000條魔鬼魚!

In Disney‧Pixar's “Finding Dory”, there are 5,000 stingrays take part in the stingray migration!

~ 3 ~

大家或許會質疑 多莉 患有「短暫失憶症」,為何她還可以記起失散了的父母?根據 迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)製作人員的資料搜集,像 多莉 這樣的失憶者其實仍然擁有「情感記憶」 ,所以她會記得自己與 馬倫MO仔 情如家人,也會有掛念父母的感覺。   

Because of Dory’s short-term memory loss, she couldn’t remember anybody she’d met, but she had “Emotional Memories” — she always remembered how it felt. And she was repeatedly left with a compounding feeling of separation and loss.  While Dory forgets details in her day-to-day life—like Nemo’s name —her emotional memory is fine — she knows she loves Nemo and Marlin.  And the love she has for her parents has been with her all along.

~ 4 ~

阿亨 是一隻「模仿八爪魚」(Mimic Octopus)(雖然牠只得7條觸鬚),這種生物可以隨時變身,偽裝成海蛇、水母、獅子魚或海葵,也可隨着所處的環境如珊瑚礁或沙堆而變色掩護自己。身體可隨意摺合化成流線型,輕易溜過最狹小的裂縫。觸鬚上有數百個吸盤,令牠可附着任何平面,也方便移動,甚至可扭開瓶蓋!

A mimic octopus—the inspiration for Hank—has the ability to transform itself, mimicking other creatures—a sea snake, flatfish or lionfish, for example—to ward off predators. Likewise, it can camouflage itself against its background, from jagged coral to a sandy sea bottom. It can streamline its body and fold onto itself. Its arms are covered in hundreds of suckers, which have the ability to attach to almost any surface, giving the animal unmatched mobility, as well as an uncanny ability to manipulate items like the lid of a jar.

~ 5 ~

「海洋生態保育中心」是 迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)中的重要場景,其設計靈感主要源自著名的「加州科學館」和「蒙特利灣水族館」。

The MARINE LIFE INSTITUTE (MLI) is inspired by the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, as well as the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

~ 6 ~

迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)是首部 彼思動畫 採用最先進的特技軟件「RIS」,即是最新一代的「RenderMan」,當中可以營造水中更真實的光線互動,各種玻璃表面與水的折射效果亦更逼真,同時可製造更生動的水濺效果,以及製造更具真實感的海浪!

“Finding Dory” is Pixar’s first feature to implement RIS, the next-generation “RenderMan”. When “Finding Nemo” debuted, one of the big stories at the time was the addition of particulate to the water, which was lauded for its ability to add dimension to the water and sell the underwater feel of the film. For “Finding Dory,” it was enhanced.

~ 7 ~

迪士尼‧彼思《海底奇兵 2》(台譯:皮克斯《海底總動員2:多莉去哪兒?》)再度請來上集的作曲家 Thomas Newman 為電影譜寫樂章。電影又請來「格林美」提名唱作歌手 Sia,以全新風格演繹金曲《Unforgettable》。

“Finding Dory” welcomes back to the big screen Dory, friends Marlin and Nemo — and composer Thomas Newman. The “Finding Dory” soundtrack, featuring Thomas Newman’s score and Sia’s rendition of “Unforgettable”.

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