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2016年8月30日 星期二

「Disney Halloween Time – 反轉迪士尼」將於 2016年9月15日 降臨 香港迪士尼樂園!

全新「Disney Halloween Time – 反轉迪士尼」
一連47天      由早到晚盡情「惡」玩

It’s Halloween Time at Hong Kong Disneyland
Wicked fun for everyone throughout day and night for 47 days this Halloween

       今個萬聖節,香港迪士尼樂園為賓客呈獻全新「Disney Halloween Time – 反轉迪士尼」!由2016年9月15日起至10月31日,一連47天,一系列日夜截然不同的嶄新娛樂體驗,將帶領賓客投入迪士尼故事中步步驚心的黑暗世界,感受前所未有的樂園大「反」轉!

It’s Halloween Time at Hong Kong Disneyland! From September 15 to October 31, 2016, Hong Kong Disneyland will present 47 days of “Disney Halloween Time”, an all-new Halloween experience that changes throughout the day and evening for everyone! Get ready to step into the darker side of Disney stories – all with a fun and wicked twist.

       化身成「萬聖之王」及「萬聖之后」的米奇米妮,將舉辦一個盛大派對,歡慶萬聖節,但一眾惡名昭彰的 迪士尼惡人「驚」世現身,密謀聯手反轉樂園,十分「惡」玩!

The new King and Queen of Halloween Time, Mickey and Minnie, will host a grand Halloween celebration like never before, but watch out for the Disney Villains as they join forces to turn the park upside down, spreading mayhem wherever they go!

       米奇與好友將齊齊換上全新的萬聖節裝束,於日間帶領穿上搞鬼服飾的小賓客參與「Mickey & Friends化妝派對」,並為大家帶來全新的萬聖節精彩巡遊「米奇Halloween大街騷」

During the day, Mickey & Friends are ready to show-off their brand-new Halloween attire, and invite young guests to join in “Mickey & Friends Costume Party”, as well as present the jovial Halloween parade, “Mickey’s Halloween Time Cavalcade”.

       但當黑夜降臨,一眾 迪士尼惡人 紛紛出籠,企圖聯手反轉樂園。迪士尼黑暗勢力入侵夜間巡遊,「邪惡皇后」與無惡不作的巫師 賈方「迪士尼惡人大出巡」赫然登場,黑巫婆 巨大淒厲的笑聲亦於城堡四處迴響,令人毛骨悚然。

Watch out for Disney’s fearsome villains who will slowly but surely take over the park when dusk falls, transforming the night parade into “Villains Night Out”! Make way for the Evil Queen and Jafar as they tower over the crowd, along with the eerie laugh of Maleficent, echoing through every corner of the Castle.


Only the truly daring should step into “The Nightmare Experiment” as a spooky professor will guide guests through a nightmarish journey in The Pavilion to escape the archrivals of our Disney heroes.

       幻想世界「夢想花園」已被一眾惡名遠播的 迪士尼惡人 佔據,變成「迪士尼惡人花園」,惡人們更發揮好「嚇」精神,準備和大家來一張惡形惡相的合照,充滿膽量的賓客更可於花園內參與「迪士尼鬼馬Trick-or-Treat」,看看得到驚嚇還是驚喜!

Meet your favorite Disney Villains at the Villains Gardens as they take over the Fantasy Gardens and dare guests to come close for a photo. The Disney Trick-or-Treat Booths in the gardens will also dish out fun performance treats, but do so at your own peril as their evil is unmatched.

       樂園已準備好一系列期間限定的萬聖節主題紀念品,喜愛購物的賓客絕對不容錯過!「貓畫家」小東尼 Gelatoni 現已加入 Duffy 與 朋友系列商品,更以得意的萬聖節造型投入「Tsum Tsum」系列,必定令賓客愛不釋手!

Plenty of Halloween treats are to be found among the all-new Disney Halloween Time souvenirs, available only for a limited time. The awesome range now includes Gelatoni in the Duffy and Friends’ assortment, as well as brand-new bewitching Tsum Tsum.


Dare-devils can settle down in between screaming fun for tasty treats too. Halloween special menus and tea sets as well as themed pastries and concoctions will make Halloween dining terrific.

      全新「Disney Halloween Time – 反轉迪士尼」一連47天,讓賓客由早到晚盡情「惡」玩,更要密切留意將於9月初推出全新的入場優惠

“Disney Halloween Time” will be wickedly fun, and guests can see for themselves from dawn till dusk every day of the week for 47 days! Stay tuned for the coming admission promotion to be launched in early September.

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