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2016年8月15日 星期一

迪士尼《吹夢的巨人》(Disney’s “The BFG”)電影資料

迪士尼《吹夢的巨人》(Disney’s “The BFG”;台譯:《吹夢巨人》)現正上映,本篇網誌特別綜合了所有本網曾在Facebook專頁上與大家分享的有趣電影資料,以作記錄。

~ 1 ~

       物色女主角 蘇菲(Sophie)的過程非常漫長,製作人員花了六個月時間看了幾千個女孩的試鏡片段,直至 史匹堡 看到來自 英國 柴郡納茨福德 的9歲女童 露比班曉 (Ruby Barnhill)的試鏡片段,一看便知她正是心目中的最佳人選,大讚她具有獨特的吸引力和很有天份。

For six months the filmmakers looked at thousands of girls varying in age and experience, but when the director saw 9-year old Barnhill, a school girl from Knutsford in Cheshire, England, her audition stopped him dead in his tracks. “There was just something about her,” Spielberg says. “She is fascinating and incredibly talented, and just perfect for this role.”

~ 2 ~

       製作人員在真實場景以真人電影的模式進行拍攝,當中更連用上以「表演捕捉技術」(“Performance-Capture” techniques)製作的巨人角色,藉此提升電影的逼真程度。

The production on Disney’s “The BFG” was a hybrid style of filmmaking using a blend of live-action and “Performance-Capture” techniques to bring the story’s fantastical characters to life, all on real sets that were built specifically for the film.

~ 3 ~

       美術指導 Rick Carter 和 Rob Stromberg 要特別為戲中不同大小的角色打造三個不同大小的場景,包括為50呎巨人而設的場景、24呎BFG的專用場景,以及為小女孩蘇菲而設誇大比例的場景。

Production designer Rick Carter and his co-production designer Rob Stromberg went to great lengths to accommodate three different worlds for three different-sized beings, in some cases duplicating sets three times over. There was a set for the 50-foot tall giants, for the 24-foot tall BFG and a huge, overscale set with big overscale props for Sophie to make her look small.

~ 4 ~


The BFG (Mark Rylance) is 24-feet-tall, nearly six times as big as Sophie (Ruby Barnhill). The biggest giant in Giant Country, Fleshlumpeater (Jemaine Clement), is twice as big as the BFG (the BFG is considered a runt).


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