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2016年8月16日 星期二

更多「Pandora – The World of AVATAR」主題園區的資料將於2016年11月公佈!

全新的「Pandora – The World of AVATAR」主題園區 將於2017年在「迪士尼動物王國」 (Disney's Animal Kingdom)樂園內正式開幕,D23 正式公佈將於2016年11月19至20日的「D23 Destination D: Amazing Adventures」特別活動中邀請《阿凡達》(AVATAR)的導演 James Cameron、製片人 Jon Landau 以及「幻想工程師」Joe Rohde 在活動上公佈更多有關「Pandora – The World of AVATAR」主題園區的資料。

另外,「華特迪士尼檔案館」(Walt Disney Archives)亦會在活動上舉辦一個名為「Walt’s Great Adventures」的展覽。

Welcome to Adventureland: Set off on a journey through “Adventurelands” at Disney Parks around the world, beginning with a rare look at artist Harper Goff’s exotic concepts for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Tales from the Jungle Cruise: Fans of “the backside of water” unite! Discover the legendary history of the world-famous attraction with a panel of wisecracking experts, including a behind-the-scenes look at recent holiday overlays and the new Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort’s 45th Anniversary: From tropical hideaways to enchanting entertainment, celebrate the spirit of aloha as D23 looks back at 45 years of the classic South Pacific-themed getaway.

New Walt Disney World Adventures: From Soarin’ Around the World to Rivers of Light—Get an insider’s glimpse into the latest experiences across Walt Disney World Resort as Disney Imagineers provide a behind-the-scenes look at new and upcoming entertainment.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Evolving a New Species of Theme Park—Explore the origins and incredible evolution of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, from early concepts to up-close looks at new enhancements to be discovered at the park.

Magic Journeys: 45 Years of Walt Disney World Adventures—Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort with a nostalgic journey through some of the Vacation Kingdom’s most unique and fondly-remembered adventures!

A Look Back at Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures—Join Disney historians on an expedition through the landmark True-Life Adventure series, which earned the Disney Studio eight Academy Awards®!

The Art and Adventures of Marc Davis—Discover the adventurous artwork of artist, animator, and Disney Legend Marc Davis with Walt Disney Imagineering Senior Production Designer Chris Merritt, who is authoring a new book on the Disney Legend.

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