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2016年11月9日 星期三

MARVEL《奇異博士》(“Doctor Strange”)電影資料

MARVEL《奇異博士》(“Doctor Strange”)現正上映,本篇網誌特別綜合了所有本網曾在Facebook專頁上與大家分享的有趣電影資料,以作記錄。

~ 1 ~

       劇組於倫敦 朗克羅斯片場(Longcross Studios)搭建了長達570呎的香港街景。整個場景根據美術部門於香港拍來的照片去設計,共有35間商店,包括餐廳、小食攤、洗衣舖、車房、錶行、肉檔、中醫店、士多及報攤等,一應俱全,像真度極高。

The filmmakers surveyed the existing Longcross Studios location and started to map out a street layout complete with road markings, junctions, street signs and storefronts of Hong Kong.  The finished set was 570 ft. long, with an overall set build of 1430 ft., and was the biggest piece of work for the art department. The set featured 35 shop fronts, which were all based on real shops found in Hong Kong—restaurants, food stalls, dry cleaning, car mechanics, watch shop, butcher, herbal medicine, general stores, paper and printing.

~ 2 ~

       霸氣十足的「懸浮斗蓬」!它不但有自由行動的能力,更會聽命於穿著者的指示,可以飛行及飄浮!由於「懸浮斗蓬」在 MARVEL 漫畫世界中極為重要,所以服裝設計師 Alexandra Byrne 與其團隊花上大量時間製作出 18件「懸浮斗蓬」,以應付不同用途的拍攝需要。

The creation of the cloak was the biggest piece of work for the costume department, and took the longest amount of time due to the intricate design details, which included embroidery, printing and flocking.  The silhouette of the Cloak of Levitation is hugely important in the comic-book world. Alexandra Byrne’s design for the cloak has a symmetrical silhouette with an asymmetrical design.  Various versions of the cloak were made for filming purposes, depending on what action was required for the scene.  In total, 18 Cloaks of Levitation were made for the film.

~ 3 ~
       電影中,位於 布利克道177號的「聖殿」(Sanctum Sanctorum)是在MARVEL漫畫中的虛構場景。五位設計師出盡「洪荒之力」,耗費10個月才完成整個聖殿大堂的設計。

It took nearly 10 months to finalize the design and the details of the Sanctum Sanctorum foyer, with five artists working on the design from start to finish.

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