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2016年11月10日 星期四

上海迪士尼樂園(Shanghai Disneyland)將於2018年增設 全新園區「玩具總動園」(Toy Story Land)

上海迪士尼樂園 將新增全新園區「玩具總動園」
Shanghai Disneyland to Expand with New Toy Story Land

提供以 迪士尼·皮克斯 熱門電影《玩具總動員》中的角色為主題的全新景點和體驗
New Attractions, New Experiences featuring characters from the hit Disney•Pixar Toy Story films to delight guests at Shanghai Disneyland

     《玩具總動員》中的胡迪巴斯光年和他們所有的朋友們會很快在中國大陸擁有一片嶄新的家園,為賓客帶來無限歡樂。這個華特迪士尼公司最受歡迎的故事系列之一將以更大的規模在上海迪士尼度假區的主題樂園 - 上海迪士尼樂園內呈現,成為樂園的第七個主題園區。近日,合作企業的雙方股東 - 華特迪士尼公司上海申迪集團的高層為「玩具總動園」園區破土奠基。這一全新園區表明合作雙方對中國主題娛樂消費需求的日益增長充滿信心,也同樣彰顯上海迪士尼度假區自開幕以來所取得的成功開端。

Woody, Buzz and all of their Toy Story friends will soon be entertaining guests at an all-new land of their own in Mainland China. One of The Walt Disney Company’s most popular franchises will have an even bigger presence at Shanghai Disney Resort’s theme park, Shanghai Disneyland, when the park opens its 7th themed land. Leadership from the joint venture’s two shareholders, The Walt Disney Company and the Shanghai Shendi Group, recently broke ground on the new themed land, in a sign of their confidence in the growing consumer demand for themed entertainment in China, and as a clear sign of the early success of Shanghai Disney Resort.

       華特迪士尼樂園和度假區主席 包正博(Bob Chapek)表示:「我們對上海迪士尼樂園開幕四個多月來的運營情況十分滿意,也對我們在中國大陸的未來發展滿懷期待。全新的『玩具總動園』園區的破土動工充分錶明了我們的信心。這一嶄新園區將繼續秉承『原汁原味迪士尼,別具一格中國風』的理念,在未來不斷為遊客創造無限歡樂。」

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Shanghai Disneyland’s first four months of operation and couldn’t be more excited about our future in mainland China,” said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We’re demonstrating our confidence by breaking ground on a new Toy Story Land that will be both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, delighting our guests for years to come.”

        「玩具總動園」園區將呈現一個五彩繽紛,熱鬧非凡的世界。在這裡,賓客會感覺自己彷彿縮小至《玩具總動員》影片裡備用喜愛的玩具的大小,在主人公 安迪 家的花園度過充滿歡聲笑語的時光。玩具們被賦予了生命,在這個完全沉浸式的園區裡盡情玩耍。園區包括 三個全新的遊樂項目 和 一個獨特的與 迪士尼朋友 見面的主題區域。

Toy Story Land will be a high-spirited, colorful world where guests will enter the backyard of Andy, the boy from the movies, and will feel as if they’ve been shrunk down to the size of their favorite Toy Story toys for laughter and fun. The toys come to life and play in a fully immersive land with three new attractions and a uniquely themed character greeting area.

       上海申迪集團董事長 范希平說到:「自今年6月開幕以來,上海迪士尼樂園營運平穩,有序,賓客熱情不斷高漲,社會各界反聲積極,這給予了我們很大的信心。本次發佈『玩具總動園』,是一期樂園計劃中的擴展項目,中美雙方合作夥伴還會陸續推出更多全新的產品和體驗,以滿足國內外賓客的需求。」

“Since its opening in June this year, Shanghai Disneyland’s operation has run smoothly and our guests have been very enthusiastic. We have received positive feedback from the entire society – all of which makes us excited about the future,” said Fan Xiping, chairman of Shanghai Shendi Group. “The newly announced Toy Story Land is part of the accelerated expansion plan for the first phase of the theme park. Both shareholders will continue to launch more new experiences to meet the needs of our guests from China and all over the world.”


Characters and stories from the Toy Story franchise have strongly resonated with Chinese guests. Shanghai Disney Resort has the only Toy Story-themed resort hotel in the world, and Shanghai Disneyland also has the popular Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue attraction, a guest favorite which features the most advanced Buzz Lightyear targeting system at any Disney Park in the world.

       上海迪士尼度假區總經理 郭偉誠(Philippe Gas)表示:「華特·迪士尼先生 曾說過,『只要世界上還存在想像力,所有的迪士尼樂園都不會完工,並將不斷壯大。』我們非常高興能把同樣的想像力和樂觀精神帶到上海,並期待與中國賓客一起不斷發展我們的度假區。現在正是造訪上海迪士尼度假區,體驗迪士尼神奇魅力的好時機。」

“Walt Disney once said that Disneyland, and by extension, all of our theme parks, would never be complete, that they would continue to grow as long as there is imagination in the world,” said Philippe Gas, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort. “We are so excited to bring this same sense of imagination and optimism to Shanghai and look forward to growing our resort together with our guests in China. This is a great time to visit Shanghai Disney Resort and experience the magic of Disney.”


The new Toy Story Land, with unique attractions and experiences guests can only have at Shanghai Disneyland, is set to open in 2018.

© 上海迪士尼度假區
© Shanghai Disney Resort


* PIXAR 的香港譯名為 彼思

* 《Toy Story》的香港譯名為《反 斗奇兵》

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