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2017年1月16日 星期一

上海迪士尼度假區(Shanghai Disney Resort)2017年農曆新年 新春主題地鐵列車

Shanghai Disney Resort Launches Chinese New Year Celebration Themed Metro Trains

Resort-bound trains to be decorated with popular Disney characters enjoying the Chinese New Year festive spirit

       新春將至,上海迪士尼度假區 迎來了開幕後的 首個農曆新年。近日,四輛充滿着新年氣氛的 上海迪士尼度假區 主題地鐵列車 已裝飾完成,為乘坐 地鐵11號線 來往 上海迪士尼度假區 的遊客和沿途市民開啟快樂旅程。

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Shanghai Disney Resort and Shentong Group are celebrating the Spring Festival with four new themed trains on Shanghai Metro Line 11. Customized both inside and out with decorations blending Chinese Lunar New Year customs with classic Disney elements, the trains will delight guests from near and far as they take the metro to and from the resort.

       此次的主題地鐵列車設計以喜慶的中國紅為主色,車身上穿着中式傳統服裝的迪士尼朋友們齊齊為乘客送上拜年祝福。米奇手執毛筆與甜美的米妮為遊客書寫拜年捲軸,高飛布魯托獻上大大的福字和新春窗花,唐老鴨黛絲拿着豐盛的年貨和節日鮮花,共同歡迎大家來 上海迪士尼度假區 做客,感受奇妙年味兒。

With the background color set in festive red, the trains are wrapped with images of classic Disney characters dressed in traditional Chinese attire. Sending New Year greetings to the passengers, Mickey can be seen writing wishes on a scroll with a brush, and sharing the joy with Minnie. Guests will also find Goofy and Pluto showing their big Fu (meaning “Lucky” in Chinese) and a holiday window paper cut-out, and Donald Duck and Daisy holding an abundance of New Year treats and festive flowers, all together to welcome guests to join Shanghai Disney Resort's unique Chinese New Year celebrations.


The interior of the trains are also decorated from the bottom up with Disney's creativity presented in every detail. The roof is adorned with New Year wishes, while the beloved Disney characters greet guests throughout. Disney elements seamlessly integrate with traditional Chinese design, as cloud patterns symbolic of luck form into Mickey heads around the Enchanted Storybook Castle on every door of the trains.

       地鐵11號線 是許多遊客到訪 上海迪士尼度假區 的首選交通方式。上海迪士尼度假區上海申通地鐵 自度假區盛大開幕來已合作推出了一系列的主題地鐵列車,從神奇聖誕季到中文版音樂劇《獅子王》里程碑慶典以及最新的歡慶新春佳節主題,獨具匠心的裝飾設計為地鐵之旅帶來更多歡樂,迎來送往來自中國和世界各地的遊客在各個重要節日歡聚度假區,與家人朋友留下美好回憶。

Metro Line 11 is the preferred mode of transportation for many guests visiting Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disney Resort and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group have successfully launched a series of themed metro trains since the resort's grand opening. From the magical Christmas season to the celebration of the Mandarin production of THE LION KING and the latest Chinese New Year Festival, the colorful and creative designs add a special touch to the experience of guests traveling to the resort. These special themed trains continue to provide guests a colorful beginning and end to their visit to Shanghai Disney Resort, where they create magical memories together with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

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