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2017年1月16日 星期一

上海迪士尼度假區(Shanghai Disney Resort)推出「心E禮品通票」和「新年福袋」等多款新年賀禮

新意賀新春,上海迪士尼度假區 推出多款新年賀禮

Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates Chinese New Year with new Seasonal Merchandise Line
E- Gift Tickets, New Year Lucky Bags and More Now Available For A Limited Time At Shanghai Disney Resort

     金雞新春將至,在這個走親訪友賀歲拜年的熱鬧佳節裡,上海迪士尼度假區 推出了多款新年貼心好禮,分享滿滿心意和快樂能量,更將來自迪士尼的新春祝福與奇妙年味傳遞至千家萬戶。從首度發售的「心E禮品通票」、充滿奇妙驚喜的超值新春福袋、到50餘款琳瑯滿目的農曆雞年主題限時商品,滿足不同的送禮喜好,以貼心的福氣盛禮,開啟丁酉雞年的奇妙旅程。

As a fun and festive way to celebrate its first-ever Chinese New Year, Shanghai Disney Resort has designed an exclusive new Lunar New Year merchandise collection with special holiday-themed offerings for guests of all ages. The novel merchandise line includes a brand new “E-gift Ticket” offering, “New Year Lucky Bags” brimming with big surprises for tremendous values, and Golden Rooster-themed items, including more than 50 never-before-seen offerings, available for a limited time only. The Lunar New Year Collection offers the season’s most creative gifts that are sure to bring joy to family and friends.

    繼不久前推出單日通票禮品裝之後,為迎合遊客移動消費以及春節發送電子紅包的新習慣,上海迪士尼度假區創新推出全新「心E禮品通票」,為過年送禮更添便捷、創意與樂趣。遊客可以通過「上海迪士尼度假區」官方微信賬號內的「購票服務」完成購買,在春節期間將滿載祝福的「心E禮品通票」像電子紅包般傳遞至親朋好友的手中。購買人在購票時無需填寫身份證件,只要門票使用人入園前通過微信賬號的卡券功能找到這張「心E禮品通票」,並填寫自己的身份證件號碼即可。 「心E禮品通票」已在 上海迪士尼度假區 官方微信賬號獨家發售,為金雞之春帶來更為便捷的心意與祝福。

Following the launch of Shanghai Disneyland Gift Tickets in November, Shanghai Disney Resort has developed an innovative new E-gift Ticket offering. During Chinese New Year, the E-gift Tickets will be presented in special, electronic red envelopes, adding to the spirit and magic of the holiday celebration at the resort. The E-gift Tickets offer even more convenience for guests who prefer mobile and online purchases, and can serve as delightful presents for family and friends. The E-Gift Tickets are now available for purchase on the resort’s official WeChat account. To buy an E-Gift Ticket, guests can simply select the “ticket service” option in the resort’s WeChat account, and once the purchase is complete, can send a red envelope-enclosed electronic ticket directly to the recipient of their choosing – whether it is an individual or an entire family. Government identification of the recipient is not required at the time of purchase. Ticket-holders will need to provide their government identification through the official WeChat account before entering Shanghai Disneyland. E-gift Tickets are available now and will be sold exclusively on the Shanghai Disney Resort official WeChat account as a convenient and environmentally-friendly offering to kick-off the Year of the Golden Rooster.

* 上海迪士尼度假區創新推出電子禮品通票,為過年送禮更添便捷、創意與樂趣。

* Shanghai Disney Resort has developed an innovative E-gift Ticket as a special electronic, red envelope-enclosed ticket for Chinese New Year.


The Lunar New Year Collection at Shanghai Disney Resort includes an abundant array of offerings for guests to choose from so they can find the perfect gifts for both themselves and their loved ones this holiday season. The brand-new Golden Rooster-themed merchandise includes 50 limited-time items including plush toys of Mickey and Minnie dressed in their decorative Chinese traditional attire, memorable New Year-inspired headwear, and exclusive New Year-edition outfits for the whole family, red envelopes, vibrant door decorations, pastry boxes, pins, headwear, stationery, home supplies and more.

      其中首度推出並限量發售的「新年福袋」頗有特色。遊客只需以一定價格便可買到數倍價值的迪士尼精選商品,更有機會發現額外驚喜獎品,例如東方航空機票、「樂拍通 一卡通」、上海迪士尼度假區「夢想護照」等,將這份福氣吉兆帶回家。不論是為自己揭開新年新運勢,還是將吉祥福氣贈予親朋友人,上海迪士尼度假區 限量發售的新年福袋將是今年春節置辦禮物的上佳選擇。

During this joyous gift-giving season, Disney is also offering a limited number of a truly unique gift – the first-ever New Year Lucky Bag. The Lucky Bags will include the most exciting assortments of Disney merchandise and are a tremendous value to celebrate the Lunar New Year season. Guests purchasing the New Year Lucky Bag will have a chance to win surprise grand prizes including China Eastern Airlines flight tickets, Disney PhotoPass+, Shanghai Disney Resort Magic Passports, and much more. Whether guests are looking to surprise a loved one, or are looking for a surprise of their own, the limited New Year Lucky Bag is the ideal gift this Chinese New Year.

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