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2017年5月16日 星期二

「Marvel 夏日超級英雄」(“Marvel Super Hero Summer”)將於 2017年6月14日至9月3日 強勢登場!

全新 漫威 主題體驗 即將展開
More MARVEL fun on the way

繼於今年年初推出深受賓客歡迎的「鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅」,多位 漫威超級英雄 將於2017年6月14日起至9月3日在 香港迪士尼樂園「Marvel 夏日超級英雄」主題活動現身。除了「鐵甲奇俠」,賓客更可以與「美國隊長」和「蜘蛛俠」見面。

Earlier this year, the all-new Iron Man Experience opened to guests and is already the most popular attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland.  To elevate the Super Hero experience, Marvel Super Hero Summer will be introduced from June 14 to September 3, Iron Man will be joined by Captain America and Spider-Man when meeting with guest.

「美國隊長」(Captain America)


樂園將於「展藝館」推出特別以香港為背景主題的漫威主題體驗「Marvel 危機次元任務」,讓賓客置身於漫威世界,並與多位超級英雄,包括:「黑寡婦」、「鷹眼」、「雷神」托爾、「奇異博士」及「星爵」,聯手對抗邪惡勢力,阻止 海德勒 奪走時空連接器。

Furthermore, a brand-new walk-through experience in The Pavilion will completely immerse guests in the Marvel Universe as they go through a one-of-a-kind Avengers Agent mission in a story set uniquely in Hong Kong.  Guests will join Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange and Star-Lord to recover the Portal Nexus before HYDRA can get their hands on it.


A great variety of themed F&B items and Marvel-themed merchandise will be introduced for the summer program, including Super Hero costumes, toys and personalized products.

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