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2017年6月16日 星期五

上海迪士尼樂園(Shanghai Disneyland)「奇妙一週年慶典」(1st Anniversary Magical Celebration Moment)

上海迪士尼度假區 舉辦盛大慶典,與中國遊客共慶一週年

Shanghai Disney Resort Hosts Spectacular One Year Anniversary Celebration
With Guests From Across China

       上海迪士尼度假區 在今天迎來盛大開幕一週年,全天舉辦豐富多彩的週年慶活動,與來自國內外的遊客和度假區演職人員歡聚一堂,共同紀念這個歷史性的時刻。

Shanghai Disney Resort marked its first anniversary today, as guests and Cast from home and abroad gathered together to commemorate this historic moment in the resort with special activities hosted throughout the day.

        華特迪士尼公司 董事長兼首席執行官 羅伯特•艾格(Bob Iger)表示:「今晚,上海迪士尼度假區 與所有幫助實現這一偉大夢想的人們共同慶祝度假區的一週年。我們非常感謝來自中國的遊客、演職人員和所有夥伴,共同使這個獨特的度假目的地取得了巨大的成功。開幕至今,上海迪士尼樂園 已經迎接了超過1100萬名遊客,我們期待在未來歡迎更多遊客的到來。」

“Shanghai Disney Resort’s first anniversary is cause for great celebration for everyone involved in bringing this spectacular dream to life,” said Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “We’re grateful to the people of China for making this unique destination a tremendous success - more than 11 million guests have already visited, and we look forward to welcoming many more in the years to come.”

      盛大的「奇妙一週年慶典」儀式於今晚在 上海迪士尼樂園 內的「奇幻童話城堡」前舉行。代表過去、現在和未來的幸運許願燈籠在樂園上空冉冉升起。伴隨著歌曲《當你對着星星許願》的中文版,「奇幻童話城堡」的外牆投射出 上海迪士尼度假區 這一年來值得紀念的時刻 以及 來自遊客分享的體驗神奇的視頻和照片。這場蒙太奇效果的視覺盛宴帶領所有現場來賓和遊客共同回顧這座「原汁原味迪士尼,別具一格中國風」的度假區精彩紛呈、收穫滿滿的第一年。

A grand celebration ceremony was hosted in the night at Enchanted Storybook Castle in Shanghai Disneyland, where floating lanterns representing good fortune for the past, present and future hovered above the theme park. Guests were entertained by the Mandarin version of “When You Wish Upon a Star,” as a montage of photos and videos highlighting events of the first year at Shanghai Disney Resort being projected on the façade of Enchanted Storybook Castle, as well as actual guest videos and images of magical memories from their visits to the authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese destination.

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