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2017年7月21日 星期五

誠邀您出席「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」(“Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou”)

大家必須透過 Facebook專頁 參與此活動。
Participants can only join this event through the Facebook Page.

Disney Magical Kingdom Blog
誠邀您出席 Invites YOU to join

「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」
“Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou”

今個8月,萬眾期待的 Duffy 最新萌兔 StellaLou 將加入 香港迪士尼樂園 與賓客見面,與大家分享她想成為舞者的夢想!樂園更會推出一系列StellaLou 主題獨家商品與美食,大家密切留意!我們誠邀各位 Duffy與好友粉絲,一起歡迎 StellaLou 加入香港迪士尼樂園!大家只須按照以下參加方法,即有機會贏取「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」名額1個,名額共15個,此活動將於2017年8月10日下午舉行!

StellaLou is Duffy’s newest friend. She dreams of becoming a dancer. This August, she is coming to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet fans and share her dreams with friends. The theme park will also introduce StellaLou-themed merchandise, snacks and drinks. Many of us have been longing to meet StellaLou. Here’s a great chance! Take part in the activity below, and you may win an opportunity to join the very exclusive “Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou” to be held on August 10, 2017, afternoon! There are only places for 15 lucky fans, so what are you waiting for?

參加日期:即日起 至 2017年7月28日 晚上11時59分
Submission date: From now to July 28, 2017 (11:59p.m.)

參加步驟 How to join:

1. 「讚好」及 分享 本帖子(必須設定為公開分享)
2. 「讚好」Disney Magical Kingdom Blog 及 香港迪士尼樂園 | Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook專頁
3. 參加者須以「友誼」為主題,分享 一張 您跟Duffy與好友相關的相片,並且加上簡單的描述,歡迎大家發揮創意。請各位參加者將照片及作品描述張貼在本帖子的留言欄。每位參與者只限提交作品 一次。

1. “Like” & Share this post (set the sharing as “Public”)
2. “Like” the Disney Magical Kingdom Blog & 香港迪士尼樂園 | Hong Kong Disneyland Facebook Page
3. Share a photo of YOU and Duffy & Friends on the theme“Friendship” and provide a short description of your work. Post your photo and description on this post’s comment section. Each participant can only submit ONE photo for this activity.

評選準則 Judging Criteria:

Disney Magical Kingdom Blog 評選團隊 將根據 照片回應主題(20%)、照片內容(40%)及 作品描述內容(40%)三項評選準則 選出15位參加者。

Members of the Disney Magical Kingdom Blog will evaluate participants’ submissions based on the following judging criteria: theme (30%), relevance of the photo (30%) and the content of the description (40%), and select 15 participants to join the party.

* 得獎者結果將於 2017年7月31日 在本專頁公佈,得獎者將有專人以 Facebook Inbox Message 形式通知有關領獎事宜。

* The results will be announced on July 31, 2017 on Disney Magical Kingdom Blog’s Facebook page. We will notify the winners through Facebook Inbox Message.

** 獲選者須於收到通知後3天內作最後確認出席。

** Winning participants should respond to message and confirm their attendance within 3 days after the notice is sent.

- 如有任何爭議,Disney Magical Kingdom Blog 保留最終決定權。
- 提交作品必須為原創作品,如盜用他人作品,一經發現將被取消參加資格。
- 此活動所收集的個人資料可能被用作處理您的查詢。

- In the event of disputes, Disney Magical Kingdom Blog reserves the right to make final judgment on the dispute and otherwise in respect of this activity.
- Participants must submit their original work. Any submission containing stolen or copied images will be disqualified.
- Personal data collected for this event may be used for processing inquires.

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