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2017年7月31日 星期一

「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」(“Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou”)– 得獎名單(Winner list)

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「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」– 得獎名單
“Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou” – Winner list

* 得獎者必須以 Facebook短訊形式(提交指定資料(包括:姓名、聯絡電話 及 電郵地址,並註名為「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」得獎者)予本網 Facebook專頁,以作核實身份及聯絡得奬者之用途。得獎者將有專人以 Facebook Inbox Message 形式通知有關領獎事宜。

* Winners have to send a Facebook Inbox Message ( to us, indicating that his or her awareness of the winning to the “Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou” and provide us with the name, phone number and email address for verification and contact purposes. We will notify the winners through Facebook Inbox Message.

恭喜以下15位得獎者獲得「Duffy好友 StellaLou 迎新派對」名額1個(排名不分先後):

Congratulations to the following 15 winners! You can join the very exclusive “Duffy and Friends Welcome Party for StellaLou”! Here are the winners (in arbitrary order):

1. Anky Chu
2. Canny Charmaine Rinka
3. Jacky Yeung
4. James E. Prevor
5. Jessica Lai
6. Kelly Minnie
7. Kitto Lam
8. Lam Shirley
9. Leo Fung
10. Man Chun Kit
11. Natalie Chan
12. Siu Kwan Aoi Lau
13. Tsz Ching Tong
14. Watanabe Yuko
15. 余懿行

** 獲選者須於收到通知後3天內作最後確認出席。若得獎者未有於指定時間內發訊息確認,其得獎資格將會被取消。

** Winning participants should confirm their attendance within 3 days after the winning announcement on our Facebook Page. Should any winner fail to send the message confirmation to us via Facebook Inbox Message, he or she will be disqualified.

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