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2017年9月29日 星期五

香港迪士尼樂園「小飛象 旋轉木馬造型限量版徽章 連收藏卡」將於 2017年10月7日 發售!

香港迪士尼樂園度假區(Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)於今天 正式公佈 將於 2017年10月7日 出全新的旋轉木馬造型 限量版徽章系列Carousel theme Limited Edition Pin Series款徽章為小飛象徽章連收藏卡Dumbo Pin with collector’s backer card徽章將於 2017年10月7日 發售,而園方亦在徽章發售首天作出排隊安排。

「旋轉木馬造型限量版徽章」 - 「小飛象徽章連收藏卡」
Carousel theme Limited Edition Pin - Dumbo Pin with collector’s backer card


Release date: October 7, 2017
Release size: 300 pcs / each *
Sales Location: Emporium (Main Street, U.S.A.)**

* 每位賓客限購同款徽章 兩枚
* The purchase quantity is limited to 2 pieces for each guest

** 為提升賓客的體驗,樂園將於指定限量版徽章發售首日(2017年10月7日)作出以下安排:
** Special arrangement for your enjoyable experience and that of our Guests on the First Date of Sale for Limited Edition Pin (October 7, 2017):

有興趣選購限量版徽章之賓客可於 指定樂園入口處 排隊接受保安檢查,每位通過保安檢查之賓客可獲「徽章選購輪候籌」一張。敬請於樂園開放時步行前往「百貨店」,按照輪候籌上之號碼順序排隊選購心愛的徽章。


如欲選購指定限量版徽章的 白金卡會員 及 酒店賓客,請勿使用 白金卡會員入口處、無隨身袋賓客通道 或 酒店賓客入口處。請根據以上的特別安排,排隊選購。

Guests interested in purchasing limited edition pins may have security inspection at designated Bag Check Tables and receive one queue card upon successful checking. Limited Edition Pins are available from Park Open. Please walk to the queue at Emporium with your queue card and enjoy selecting your pins in accordance to the number on your queue card.

Distribution of queue card is subject to availability and limited in quantity while stocks last. Please follow the notices within the Park and directions given by Cast Members.

Platinum Card Members and Hotel Guests who want to purchase the Limited Edition Pin please do not pass through the Platinum Card Members Entrance, Entrance for Guests without Bags or Hotel Guests Entrance. Instead, please follow the special arrangement as mentioned above.

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