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2017年12月14日 星期四

香港迪士尼樂園度假區(Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)最新 樂園門票及「奇妙處處通」年票價格調整計劃 將於 2017年12月15日 正式生效!

香港迪士尼樂園 公佈新票價及多項「奇妙處處通」優惠

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort announces new pricing,
offers for Magic Access Members

        香港迪士尼樂園度假區 於今天公佈票價調整,並同時推出「奇妙處處通」年票會員專享續會特別優惠,以及 香港居民專享的新入會和門票原價優惠。

Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) today announced changes to its pricing, coupled with special renewal and new purchase offers for its Magic Access (annual passes) members as well as exclusive ticket offers for Hong Kong residents.

~ 詳情(Details) ~

1 日「標準門票」(12 - 64歲)
1-Day Ticket General Admission (Ages 12 - 64)
舊價(Old Price):HK $589
新價(New Price):HK $619

1 日 小童門票(3-11 歲)
1-Day Ticket Child (Ages 3 - 11)
舊價(Old Price):HK $419
新價(New Price):HK $458

兩日「標準門票」(12-64 歲)
2-Day Ticket General Admission (Ages 12 - 64)
舊價(Old Price):HK $759
新價(New Price):HK $799

兩日 小童門票(3-11 歲)
2-Day Ticket Child (Ages 3 - 11)
舊價(Old Price):HK $539
新價(New Price):HK $589

Silver Magic Access (Adult)
舊價(Old Price):HK $1,178
新價(New Price):HK $1,238

Gold Magic Access (Adult)
舊價(Old Price):HK $1,888
新價(New Price):HK $1,999

Platinum Magic Access (Adult)
舊價(Old Price):HK $3,348
新價(New Price):HK $3,491


Effective from December 15, 2017, the new price for a 1-Day Ticket for General Admission (aged 12–64) is HK$619 while a Child (aged 3–11) is HK$458. A 2-Day Ticket for General Admission and Child are priced at HK$799 and HK$589, respectively.


Prices for Senior tickets and the 30% discount on tickets for Hong Kong residents with disabilities remain unchanged. The price of a Senior 1-Day ticket is HK$100.


Hong Kong residents will enjoy a two-month grace period for purchasing park tickets at current prices through February 15, 2018.


The price of a Silver Magic Access Membership for Adults will be adjusted to HK$1,238, a Gold Magic Access Membership will be HK$1,999, while Platinum Magic Access Memberships will be set at HK$3,491. The Silver Magic Access Membership pays for itself in just two visits.


Since its introduction in early 2011, the Magic Access Membership Program has enjoyed tremendous popularity among frequent visitors to the resort. Members are entitled to special privileges depending on their membership tier, with special entertainment offerings and experiences tailor-made for them from time to time. The latest offerings are:

1. 2018年6月30日或以前到期的所有「奇妙處處通」會員,可於2017年12月15日至2018年1月15日期間享有舊價8折提前續會特別優惠*,並同時享有特別的餐飲及 / 或酒店住宿優惠。成人銀卡會員提前續會的優惠價格,相等於2014年的價格水平。

2. 新入會香港居民購買3張或以上「奇妙處處通」年票,可享有以舊價85折入會優惠,優惠期直至2018年4月10日^。

3. 香港居民專享長達4個月新入會優惠,在2018年4月10日或以前,以舊價購買任何「奇妙處處通」會籍。


1. An early renewal discount of 20% on current prices for all Magic Access members with memberships expiring by June 30, 2018, together with special dining and/or hotel accommodation offers through January 15, 2018*. The renewal offer puts the effective price of Silver Magic Access for adults at 2014 levels

2.  Hong Kong Residents can enjoy a 15% discount for a group purchase of three or more Magic Access memberships at current prices through April 10, 2018^

3. Hong Kong Residents can enjoy a four-month grace period for purchasing all tiers of Magic Access at current prices through April 10, 2018

* 只適用於至現有或更高會籍級別;不適用於「奇妙處處通」長者會籍;長者標準門票售價維持不變。

* Only applicable for renewal to the same tier or upgrade to a higher tier. This offer is inapplicable to Senior memberships; Senior pricing for day tickets remains unchanged.

^ 不適用於「奇妙處處通」長者會籍;長者標準門票售價維持不變。

^ This offer is inapplicable to Senior memberships; Senior pricing for day tickets remains unchanged.

        香港迪士尼樂園度假區 發言人表示:「香港迪士尼度假區為所有賓客帶來世界級的體驗及優質服務。由2018年的連串特別節目,到未來幾年陸續推出的全新遊樂設施及娛樂項目,我們持續為賓客提供更多新理由多訪樂園。大部份本地賓客亦喜愛選購『奇妙處處通』,全年多次到訪樂園,並享受獨家禮遇。」

“Hong Kong Disneyland provides a world class experience and excellent service for our diverse and international mix of guests,” said an HKDL spokesperson. “From the special events taking place in 2018 to the new attractions and entertainment experiences opening next year and in the years ahead, we continuously give our guests new reasons to visit the park. Many of our local guests purchase Magic Access Memberships to visit the park multiple times throughout the year and enjoy unmatched value and privileges as well as additional savings.”

        過去一年,繼全球迪士尼樂園首項以 MARVEL 為主題的遊樂設施 —「鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅」及樂園第三間酒店「迪士尼探索家度假酒店」開幕後,香港迪士尼樂園 隨即展開新一輪發展及擴建計劃。由2018年開始至2023年,將不斷為賓客帶來更多受歡迎的迪士尼人物及故事,創造更精彩的賓客體驗。

Following the launch of Iron Man Experience—the first Marvel-themed ride at a Disney park—and the resort’s third hotel, Disney Explorers Lodge, in the past 12 months, the resort has embarked on a multi-year expansion from 2018 through 2023 that will create amazing new guest experiences based on some of the most popular Disney characters and stories.

        同時,香港迪士尼樂園 全年都會不時為香港居民及海外賓客推出不同的推廣優惠。

At the same time, HKDL will continue to launch various promotions for Hong Kong residents and overseas guests in the year.

       在2018年,香港迪士尼樂園度假區 會繼續肩負企業公民責任,透過「社區共享計劃」捐贈超過十萬張樂園門票,招待弱勢社群到訪樂園,亦會繼續與不同非政府機構緊密合作。

Throughout 2018, as a responsible corporate citizen, the resort will continue to sponsor more than 100,000 park tickets annually for people in need to visit the park through its Community Involvement Program and will work closely with various NGOs throughout the city.


For details about ticket types and prices, please go to

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