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2018年4月26日 星期四

上海迪士尼樂園(Shanghai Disneyland)「迪士尼·皮克斯 玩具總動員」主題園區(Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land)現已正式開幕!

上海迪士尼度假區 慶祝「迪士尼·皮克斯 玩具總動員」主題園區 開幕

Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates the Opening of Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land



First major expansion less than two years after grand opening

provides guests with even more fun to experience as favorite stories come to life

        今天,上海迪士尼度假區 迎來了一大重要里程碑 —— 上海迪士尼樂園 的第七個主題園區「迪士尼·皮克斯 玩具總動員」主題園區 全新開幕。這是 上海迪士尼樂園 自2016年6月開園以來的首個主要擴建項目。繼度假區實現成功開端后,新園區的開幕將進一步為遊客帶來全新的景點和娛樂演出體驗,讓各年齡段的遊客沉浸在充滿歡樂、創造力和想像力的 皮克斯* 《玩具總動員》^ 故事中

Shanghai Disney Resort celebrated a major milestone today with the opening of Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land, the seventh themed land and the first major expansion of Shanghai Disneyland since it opened its gates to the people of China in June 2016. Building on the early success of the resort, the new land features brand new attractions and entertainment experiences, immersing guests of all ages into the unparalleled creativity, fun and imagination of Pixar's Toy Story.

        今天上午,華特迪士尼公司行政總裁 羅伯特•艾格(Bob Iger)出席並慶祝了這個令人激動的擴建項目的開幕。電影《玩具總動員》^ 系列中備受喜愛的 胡迪翠絲 和 巴斯光年 一一登場,在《我是你的好朋友》的歌曲表演中,以一場別開生面的開幕儀式為新園區拉開了序幕。上海市副市 長陳群、副秘書長 宗明、以及 來自上海國際旅遊度假區管委會及合資公司中方股東上海申迪集團的領導來到現場,與受邀來賓共同慶祝開幕時刻。

This morning, Bob Iger, chairman and chief executive officer, The Walt Disney Company, celebrated the opening of the exciting expansion in a kinetic opening moment featuring the beloved Toy Story friends Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear and a lively performance of “You've got a Friend in Me.” Mr. Chen Qun, vice mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Madam Zong Ming, deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and leadership from the Administrative Commission of Shanghai International Resort and the joint venture's Chinese shareholder, Shanghai Shendi Group, joined the high-energy ceremony moment and celebrated the opening with invited guests.

        羅伯特•艾格 說道:「我們十分感激中國遊客發自內心地歡迎並喜愛上海迪士尼度假區,使之真正成為屬於他們自己的度假區,以及迄今最成功的迪士尼樂園之一。這座倍受歡迎的度假目的地自開幕以來所取得的成功使我們深感自豪,而通過這個以 皮克斯《玩具總動員》故事和角色為主題的全新園區為中國遊客帶去更多精彩體驗更讓我們倍感振奮。

“We're grateful to the people of China for wholeheartedly embracing Shanghai Disney Resort, for truly making it their own and also making it one of the most successful theme parks we've ever opened,” said Iger. “We're incredibly proud of the success of this one-of-a-kind, world-class destination, and we are thrilled to give our Chinese guests even more to explore and enjoy at the resort with the addition of a spectacular new land based on Pixar's beloved Toy Story characters.”

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© Shanghai Disney Resort


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