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2018年9月3日 星期一

上海迪士尼度假區 公佈 2018年「上海旅遊節」花車設計:「米奇狂歡派對」(“Mouse Party”)主題花車


Shanghai Disney Resort to Participate in Shanghai Tourism Festival for
the Fifth Consecutive Year
An All-New Float Will Bring the Mouse Party Celebration to visitors from near and far

       上海迪士尼度假區 將連續第五年參與「上海旅遊節」,並以全新設計的「米奇狂歡派對」主題花車領銜今年的「上海旅遊節」開幕花車巡遊此次全新推出的花車由家喻戶曉的 米奇老鼠 領隊,將原汁原味的迪士尼派對氛圍帶到花車所經之處,與中外遊客共享精彩與歡樂。

Shanghai Disney Resort will participate in Shanghai Tourism
Festival for the fifth consecutive year, marking the occasion by leading the float parade with its newly designed float – “Mouse Party”. The brand new float is designed to be a magnificent celebration, led by the most renowned mouse in the world – Mickey Mouse – bringing an authentic Disney party wherever it goes, sharing happiness and excitement with visitors from China and across the globe.

         上海迪士尼度假區總經理 郭偉誠 表示:「上海 每年吸引著數百萬遊客前來觀光遊覽,
得益於上海旅遊業的蓬勃發展,上海迪士尼度假區 已經快速躋身為國內最受歡迎的度假目的地之一,對此我們深感自豪。今年上海迪士尼度假區的巡遊花車以 歡慶 為主題,我們期待與遊客在度假區共同歡慶他們生命中的各個重要時刻」。

“With Shanghai attracting millions of tourists every year, we are so proud to see that Shanghai Disney Resort has rapidly become one of the country’s most popular destinations, benefiting significantly from the success of the city’s booming tourism industry,” said Philippe Gas, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort. “The theme of this year’s float is ‘Celebration’, and we look forward to helping our guests celebrate many of their important milestones with us for years to come.”

         「米奇狂歡派對」主題巡遊花車將為觀眾營造出熱鬧非凡且充滿沉浸式體驗的歡慶氛圍,其設計融入了一系列色彩繽紛的派對元素,包括閃亮的星星,米奇頭形狀氣球,巨大的米奇特色旋轉蛋糕,以及由式樣,顏色不一的派對帽子組成的閃亮城堡等。神奇不止於此,米奇將會出現在花車中央,與他的好朋友米妮唐老鴨黛絲高飛布魯托奇奇 與 蒂蒂 共同精彩亮相。

A number of colorful party elements will draw the audience into the float’s immersive and festive feel, including glowing stars, Mickey-shaped balloons, a huge spinning cake with Mickey features, and an illuminated castle made of party hats in various sizes and colors incorporated into the design. To top it all off, Mickey will also appear at the center of the float surrounded by his pals Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale.


The entire float will also be adorned with gifts from Mickey and his pals, wrapped with supersized red ribbons, helping to bring the celebratory atmosphere to local residents and millions of TV viewers across China. Twenty of Disney’s energetic performers will also be dancing alongside the float to the hit song “It Began with a Mouse”, introducing festival attendees and parade spectators to the magic and legend of Mickey Mouse.

        2018年將是 上海迪士尼度假區 連續參與「上海旅遊節」的第五年,其每一年的花車都深受遊客們的喜愛,自2014及2015年連續摘得「最受歡迎花車獎」後,2016年獲得了「表演效果獎」,去年則榮獲「優秀組織獎」。

2018 will mark the fifth consecutive time Shanghai Disney Resort has participated in the Shanghai Tourism Festival, with each float proving to be a huge hit with all in attendance. The resort was recognized as an “Excellent Organizer” last year, following its “Best Performance” award in 2016 and “Most Popular Float of the Year” award in both 2014 and 2015.

         上海迪士尼度假區 的花車將於9月15日(週六)在「2018上海旅遊節」的盛大開幕巡遊中亮相。此後,在9月16日至10月6日期間,花車將前往全市多個區進行巡遊展示,與更多市民及遊客分享來自迪士尼的神奇。

The float will make its debut on Saturday, September 15 at the 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival’s Grand Opening Parade. Then, from September 16 through October 6, the float will cross the city, bringing the celebration to several areas of Shanghai and allowing more residents and tourists to get a taste of the Disney’s magic.

        10月6日,2018年「上海旅遊節」的閉幕式將首次於 上海迪士尼度假區 的「迪士尼小鎮」舉行。遊客可在「迪士尼小鎮」盡享美食和購物的快樂,或觀賞一場百老匯音樂劇,延續迪士尼的神奇體驗。

On October 6, the 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival’s closing ceremony will be held at Shanghai Disney Resort’s Disneytown for the first time ever. Featuring an extension of the Disney experience, Disneytown is a unique destination for dining, shopping or catching a Broadway show.

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