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2018年10月10日 星期三

【香港 2018 施政報告】本港主題樂園發展

香港特別行政區 行政長官 於今天(2018年10月10日)發表 2018年施政報告,根據報告內容,當中簡略地提到政府正密切留意 香港迪士尼樂園度假區(Hong Kong Disneyland Resort)現行的發展計劃。

123. 香港迪士尼樂園海洋公園作為本港兩大主題樂園,歷年吸引不少來自世界各地的遊客和本地訪客。我們會繼續確保兩個樂園加強其吸引力,帶動更多高增值過夜旅客到訪。政府正密切監察香港迪士尼樂園現行的擴建計劃,並會探討樂園有否空間作下一階段發展。政府亦繼續支持海洋公園檢視其定位策略和未來的發展計劃,為旅客帶來更全面的遊樂體驗。此外,山頂纜車自1888年開始投入運作,一向是香港的標誌之一。山頂纜車有限公司剛獲政府批出第二個為期十年的經營權至2035年,並將會投資逾6億5千萬元改善現有設施,為旅客及本地居民提供更優質服務,並提升山頂纜車作為一項重要旅遊及消閒設施的吸引力。

123. Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park, as the two major theme parks in Hong Kong, have for years attracted many visitors locally and from around the world. We will continue to ensure that the two theme parks can enhance their attractiveness so as to draw more high value-added overnight visitors. The Government is closely monitoring the existing expansion plans of Hong Kong Disneyland and will explore whether there is room for its next-stage development. We will also continue to support Ocean Park in reviewing its strategic positioning and future development plan, with a view to bringing more comprehensive recreational experience to visitors. In addition, the Peak Tram has always been an iconic facility in Hong Kong since it commenced operation in 1888. The Peak Tramways Company Limited, to which the second 10-year operating right up to 2035 has just been granted by the Government, will implement an upgrading plan of over $650 million to improve the existing facilities so as to provide better services for the tourists and locals alike, which will be conducive to enhancing the attractiveness of peak tramway as an important tourism and recreational facility.

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