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上海迪士尼度假區 2019年新春團拜 香港迪士尼樂園「米奇90周年慶祝派對」與全球粉絲記下重要里程碑 迪士尼 全新自家串流平台「Disney+」 香港迪士尼樂園「童話藝坊」(Storybook Shoppe)完成歷史任務 「蟻俠與黃蜂女:撃戰特攻!」( “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle”)將於 2019年3月31日 隆重登場!

2018年7月23日 星期一

上海迪士尼度假區 將推出全新「暢遊半年卡」Half-Year Pass

上海迪士尼度假區 將推出全新「暢遊半年卡」

Shanghai Disney Resort Launches New Half-Year Pass
Providing Guests With Six Months of Magical Experiences 

         上海迪士尼度假區 今天宣佈將於2018年8月2日起發售全新的 上海迪士尼樂園「2018暢遊半年卡」。全新「2018 暢遊半年卡」將為遊客提供長達半年的超值遊玩體驗,從2018的繽紛夏日 到 2019年春節主題的節慶活動,不錯過樂園的每一樣神奇。過去兩年內購買過上海迪士尼樂園「暢遊季卡」的遊客將可於2018年7月23日起率先購買全新暢遊半年卡,並將獲得一系列購卡優惠及率先激活入園等特別福利。

Shanghai Disney Resort today announced the launch of the all-new Shanghai Disneyland Half-Year Pass, set to go on sale August 2. This brand new product provides a tremendous value for guests, allowing them to enjoy all that the resort has planned, from this year’s special summer events and entertainment all the way through the Chinese New Year-themed celebrations in 2019. The resort also announced special renewal offers and bonus park entries for current and previous Seasonal Pass holders, who can purchase the pass from as early as July 23.

在未來的六個多月中,上海迪士尼度假區 將推出眾多不容錯過的主題慶典,用迷人的娛樂演出、充滿節日元素的裝飾、獨家的主題商品和餐飲為遊客的每一次到訪賦予全新的體驗,其中包括度假區即將首次舉辦的「奇跑迪士尼」路跑(需要另行報名) 以及 為米奇慶祝生日的特別活動。全新「暢遊半年卡持卡人將有機會在此期間暢遊樂園,歡慶各個中國傳統和國際性的節日,並獲得更多的驚喜和精彩。

Over the next six months, the resort will launch a number of unforgettable themed celebrations with enchanting entertainment, festive decorations, uniquely themed merchandise and dining options, and more, providing new experiences to explore on every visit. New Half-Year Pass holders will have the opportunity to enjoy these seasonal celebrations – along with traditional Chinese and international holidays – like never before. The resort will also be hosting the first-ever Disney Inspiration Run (valid registration is required) and a special birthday party for Mickey, adding to the excitement guests can enjoy over the next six months.

上海迪士尼樂園「2018 暢遊半年卡」將於8月2日起向公眾發售。持卡遊客可於2018年8月2日至2019年2月4日期間多次入園遊玩。「暢遊半年卡」將提供三種價格類別:




The 2018 Half-Year Pass will be available for public purchase beginning August 2, and will be valid for multiple entries by the same guest from August 2, 2018 to February 4, 2019. Standard, Child, Senior and Disabled passes will be offered at three tiers:

valid for admission on weekdays
(excluding October 1-5, December 31, 2018 and January 1, 2019, but including the working weekends of September 29-30 and December 29, 2018)

Any Day, which grants pass holders access to the park on any day through February 4 (excluding October 1-7, 2018)

allows pass holders park access on any Sunday (excluding October 7 and December 30, 2018).

持有 2016至2018年 上海迪士尼樂園「暢遊季卡」的遊客在購買「2018 暢遊半年卡」時可享特別福利和優惠。 2018年7月23日起至8月1日,暢遊季卡的持卡人可率先通過度假區官方微信公眾號和上海迪士尼度假區飛豬官方旗艦店享受特別優惠購買暢遊半年卡,並最早可於2018年7月24日起激活半年卡併入園遊玩。

Current and previous Shanghai Disneyland Seasonal Pass holders will also be able to enjoy early access to purchase the new 2018 Half-Year Pass at a discounted rate. From July 23 through August 1, 2018, current and previous Seasonal Pass holders can enjoy a special discounted price on the new Half-Year Pass via the resort’s official WeChat account and the official Shanghai Disney Resort Fliggy flagship store, with entry valid from as early as July 24, 2018.

2018年8月2日至8月12日期間,全新「暢遊半年卡」將在 上海迪士尼度假區 飛豬官方旗艦店向公眾首發,並提供早購優惠,以慶祝度假區在「88會員年度盛典」的特別活動。 8月2日當天,消費者更可在「88會員年度盛典」上海迪士尼度假區品牌互動中享多重特別禮遇,並有機會贏取由度假區提供的豐富獎品、優惠券等好禮。 

From August 2 to 12, 2018, the new Half-Year Pass will be exclusively available for first-time buyers via the resort’s official Fliggy flagship store, with a limited-time early-bird discount in celebration of Alibaba’s Membership Day. Lucky consumers will also have the chance to win a variety of great resort-sponsored prizes and coupons by participating in interactive activities hosted on Fliggy during the site’s special Shanghai Disney Resort brand day on August 2, 2018.

自2018年8月13日起,全新「暢遊半年卡」將在多個 上海迪士尼度假區 官方渠道 繼續發售,包括度假區飛豬官方旗艦店、度假區京東官方旗艦店、度假區官方微信公眾號,以及度假區的旅遊業界合作夥伴攜程旅行網、大眾點評網等,其他更多官方渠道也將於晚些時候開售。

From August 13, 2018, the new pass will be available for purchase across a wide range of official channels, including the resort’s official WeChat account, the official flagship store on JD.com, the official Fliggy flagship store, and the resort’s official stores on Ctrip, Dianping, etc., with more channels set to open at a later date.

持有2016至2018年「暢遊季卡」的遊客將可在2018年7 月23日至2019年1月27日期間持續享有購卡特別優惠(此優惠不可與任何其他購卡折扣同時使用)。

Previous Seasonal Pass holders can enjoy special pricing when purchasing their passes from July 23, 2018 through January 27, 2019 (this offer is not applicable in conjunction with any other Half-Year Pass discounts at purchase).

全新「暢遊 半年卡」的持卡遊客還可參與各種專屬特別活動,並享有一系列優惠,包括超值現金優惠券和兌換券、度假區酒店、餐飲、商品 和「迪士尼小鎮」的特別優惠,以及 全新中文版《美女與野獸》音樂劇 演出票折扣 等。

The new Half-Year Pass will also provide guests with a wide array of exclusive benefits across the resort for the entire duration of the pass, including an exclusive coupon booklet, special offers for resort hotels, discounts on dining and merchandise, Disneytown special offers, special ticket discounts for the Mandarin production of the hit musical, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and much more. Half-Year Pass holders will also gain exclusive access to pass holder events.