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2014年2月18日 星期二


Hong Kong Disneyland enjoys fourth record-breaking year

2013財政年度營業額增一成半    純利升逾一倍至2.42億港元
Net profit more than doubled to HK$242 million
with 15% growth in revenue in 2013 fiscal year

A new 750-room resort-style hotel planned as part of on-going expansion

(2014年2月17日 香港訊)
(HONG KONG, February 17, 2014)

       香港迪士尼樂園 (樂園) 今天公布,在營業額、入場人次、酒店入住率及賓客消費四方面,均連續第四年創新紀錄。樂園於 2013財政年度[1] 營業額錄得48.96億港元,較對上一年增長一成半,年內純利上升超過一倍達2.42億港元。

Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) today reported for the fourth consecutive year record revenue, attendance, hotel occupancy and guest spending for the 2013 fiscal year(1). In total, the HKDL Resort generated HK$4,896 million in revenue, up 15% from the previous year, while net profit more than doubled to HK$242 million.


It also announced a plan to build a new hotel at the resort, which will add another 750 hotel rooms to its existing inventory. The new hotel will offer guests an immersive and uniquely Disney resort-style experience that is dedicated to the spirit of exploration and celebrates exotic locations from around the world. The hotel is slated to open by early 2017, pending all necessary project approvals.


Combined with the success of the recent expansion, the new hotel plan and other upcoming guest offerings will continue to strengthen HKDL’s positioning as the premier family destination of the region and underpin the growth momentum as seen in the fiscal 2013 results. New initiatives in the pipeline include a brand new nighttime spectacular called “Disney Paint the Night” in 2014, 10th anniversary celebration offerings in 2015 and a new themed area based on Marvel’s Iron Man franchise in late 2016.


Andrew Kam, Managing Director of HKDL, said, “The HKDL Resort enjoyed a successful fiscal year in 2013. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the Hong Kong tourism sector, and look forward to another year of growth and improvement that continues to meet our high standards.”


The resort broke previous attendance records, reaching an all-time high of 7.4 million guests. The results are attributed to expansion efforts, strong marketing, effective management strategies and positive tourism growth during the fiscal year.


Steady growth was registered across the three main sources of guests from the local community, mainland China and international markets, with the latter two accounting for about two-thirds of total guests. Overall hotel occupancy was at a new high of 94% for fiscal 2013, while guest spending broke records with a 6% year-over-year increase.

       隨著「迷離莊園」於2013年5 月成功開幕,標誌著樂園於2009年公布的擴建工程已全部完成。擴建後,樂園的總面積增加近四分之一,遊樂設施及娛樂體驗的總數亦增至超過100項。

The successful opening of Mystic Point in May of 2013 marked the completion of the 2009 expansion, which has increased the Park’s total size by about one-fourth and brought the total number of attractions and entertainment offerings to over 100.

       跟其他兩個新擴建園區「反斗奇兵大本營」及「灰熊山谷」一樣,「迷離莊園」同樣大受賓客歡迎。其主題遊樂設施「迷離大宅」於2013年更獲得世界主題娛樂協會(TEA)第20屆主題娛樂大奬 (Thea Awards) 頒發「傑出成就 ─ 遊樂設施」的殊榮,表揚項目在科技及原創故事設計上的成就。

Like Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point has proven to be a huge hit among guests. Mystic Manor, a new immersive indoor attraction using an innovative trackless vehicle ride system, was honored in fiscal 2013 by the Themed Entertainment Association with the coveted Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Attraction, thanks to its technological and storytelling achievements.


“HKDL is an integral component in supporting Hong Kong’s position as one of the world’s top cities for leisure tourists and business visitors. Expansion plans are in place to sustain the momentum of growth and capture increasing demand especially in the light of growing tourism taking place in the region,” said Kam.


He added that plans for the new 750-room hotel have been submitted to the Legislative Council for approval. The new hotel will increase the total number of hotel rooms in the Resort by 75% to 1,750.


The new hotel’s total investment of $4.263 billion will be funded by a combination of operating cash of HKDL, cash equity injection from The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) along with a partial conversion of the existing Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) term loan to equity on a dollar-for-dollar basis, and new term loans from TWDC and the HKSARG.


The new hotel development reaffirms TWDC’s confidence in the future of HKDL and Hong Kong.


“We are excited about the new hotel project, as we are always looking to expand upon the guest experience. This new hotel will add to the various immersive experiences we offer for guests, while also adding to the diversity of Hong Kong’s offerings for tourists from around the world,” said Kam.


HKDL will also continue adding to the economic benefits HKDL brings to Hong Kong through resort-based employment positions, construction and other jobs related to its business.

       於2013財政年度期間,樂園訪客在本港額外消費所產生的增加值達116億港元,相等於香港本地生產總值約0.58%。與此同時,共創造33,200 個職位 (以人工作年計算),為前線工作人員,以及旅遊及款待行業提供就業機會。興建新酒店將可為本地相關行業帶來額外的就業機會,酒店落成運作後,料可創造600-700 個全職職位。

In fiscal 2013, additional spending in Hong Kong by HKDL visitors generated HK$11.6 billion of value added to Hong Kong, which is equivalent to around 0.58% of Hong Kong’s GDP. A total of 33,200 jobs (in terms of man-years) were created, primarily benefiting frontline workers as well as the travel and hospitality industry. Construction of the new hotel will create additional job opportunities and another 600-700 full-time equivalent jobs in HKDL after the new hotel commences operation.


HKDL has also redoubled community outreach efforts and its commitment to the Disney brand values of happiness, creativity and service. Over 100,000 underprivileged community members were welcomed to the park during the fiscal year, while close to 8,500 hours of skills and services were contributed through the Disney VoluntEARS program, among other outreach programs that directly benefited society.

        香港迪士尼樂園度假區於 2013財政年度,平均聘用超過4,800名全職及2,600兼職員工,為香港演藝娛樂行業聘用最多員工的僱主之一。度假區重視培訓專業及高質素員工,年內為員工提供超過38萬小時的專業及技術訓練。

On average, HKDL employed more than 4,800 full-time and 2,600 part-time staff during the 2013 fiscal year, making the Resort one of Hong Kong’s largest employers in the entertainment industry. HKDL is committed to developing a highly skilled and quality workforce, providing over 380,000 hours of professional and technical training during the year as well.

       度假區自開幕以來,共獲得271個奬項,說明度假區無論在設計和技術表現、與眾不同的賓客服務、以至保護環境、服務社會及對家庭賓客的吸引力等方面,均獲各界認同和讚賞。單是2013財政年度,度假區共獲得61個奬項,包括第24屆TTG旅遊大奬的「最佳主題樂園」、2013亞太旅遊協會年度金奬 ─ 市場營銷、旅訊中國旅遊業界奬的「年度最佳主題公園」、Employer Branding Institute 頒發的「第4屆亞洲最佳僱主品牌奬」及2013年Randstad Award「香港最佳工作地方文化奬」等等。

Since opening, HKDL has received 271 awards in recognition of its design, technical achievements, distinctive guest services, commitment to the community and environment and high family appeal. HKDL received a total of 61 awards during the fiscal year, including Best Theme Attraction at the 24th Annual TTG Travel Awards, the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award 2013 in the Marketing Industry category, the Best Theme Park of the Year from China Travel and Meetings Industry Awards, the 4th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award presented by the Employer Branding Institute, and the 2013 Randstad Award for Best Workplace Culture in Hong Kong.

[1] 財政年度一般由 10 月至 9 月,每年的年結日為最接近 9 月 30 日的星期六。

Note 1: The fiscal year is from October to September and ends on the Saturday closest to 30th of September each year.

編輯備註 (Note to Editors):

       香港迪士尼樂園是由香港特別行政區政府及華特迪士尼公司合資成立的香港國際主題樂園有限公司所擁有,特區政府持有該主題樂園公司約 52%的股權,餘下的 48% 股權則由迪士尼公司的附屬公司持有。樂園代表將於2014年2月24日出席立法會經濟發展事務委員會會議,就其年度業績報告及興建新酒店計劃解答議員的提問。

Hong Kong Disneyland is owned by Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited, which is a joint venture 52% owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and 48% owned by a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Hong Kong Disneyland’s executives will attend the Legislative Council’s Panel on Economic Development to answer questions from lawmakers on its Annual Business Review and new hotel development plan on February 24, 2014.

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