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2014年5月20日 星期二

「迪士尼光影匯」夜間閃亮巡遊(Disney Paint the Night Parade) 將於今年10月登場!

20 / 5 / 2014:

官方終於喺今日正式公佈咗全新嘅「迪士尼光影匯」夜間閃亮巡遊(Disney Paint the Night Parade) 將於今年10月矚目登場!


咁究竟會有邊位「迪士尼朋友」會參與其中呢?報導指出,「毛毛」、「大眼仔」、「小魚仙」艾莉奥公主、貝兒公主、巴斯光年胡迪奇妙仙子(亦稱為「小叮噹」) 以及「閃電王」麥坤等嘅「迪士尼朋友」將會現身喺夜間巡遊入面。期唔期待呢?

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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

 ========================== 更新 Update ==========================

23 / 5 / 2014:

官方新聞稿 (Official Press Release)

「迪士尼光影匯」夜間閃亮巡遊   十月隆重登場
Light Up the Night with Color at Hong Kong Disneyland - "Disney Paint The Night” Coming in October

      香港迪士尼樂園全新夜間閃亮巡遊 - 「迪士尼光影匯」將於今年十月隆重登場。繼去年完成三個新主題園區的擴建後,樂園將推出閃亮巡遊,會為賓客提供更多夜間娛樂體驗,進一步吸引家庭及年輕賓客,有助推動樂園的入場人次及業務。

Using a magic paintbrush and his vivid imagination, Sorcerer Mickey will light up the night with dazzling colors at the launch of “Disney Paint The Night”, the new nighttime spectacular coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in October 2014! The parade will mark Hong Kong Disneyland's newest chapter after the completion of its three-part expansion project last year. It will appeal to both families and young adults, further boosting the attendance and business of the resort.


“Disney Paint The Night” will immerse guests in the color, energy and magic of an all-new nighttime spectacular through interactivity, inviting them to paint the night with their favorite colors.


Harnessing the scintillating power of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Mickey has enchanted his brush and painted visions inspired by classic Disney Pixar stories! Lightning McQueen, Sulley & Mike will be found in a Hong Kong Disneyland parade for the first time ever. Tinker Bell, Ariel, Belle, Buzz Lightyear & Woody, and many other beloved Disney friends will also immerse onlookers in a world of light and color along Main Street, U.S.A. each and every night. The night has changed forevermore!


Hong Kong Disneyland will continue to bring magical experiences to guests from far and wide. Apart from the nighttime spectacular, the resort will launch new offerings to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015. The first ever Marvel-themed area based on Iron Man will debut in Hong Kong Disneyland in late 2016. Another new resort-style hotel with 750 rooms will open by early 2017 after all necessary approvals have been obtained.

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© Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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