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2014年7月15日 星期二


演藝人員全力準備 呈獻迪士尼的光影世界

The Brand New “Disney Paint the Night” will debut on October 1, 2014.

The Cast is ready to put on the best performance yet!


The brand new “Disney Paint the Night” nighttime spectacular will debut on October 1, 2014. Our Imagineers unleash their creativity to illuminate the night through the use of the latest state-of-the-art lighting technology. Cast Members are getting ready to perform with one-of-a-kind lighting elements to showcase Disney’s nighttime dimension and bring a never-before-seen dance party to our Guests.

全新非一般夜間巡遊    迪士尼愈夜愈炫目
Nighttime Spectacular to unveil Disney’s new dimension at night


The energetic nighttime entertainment will kick off with a brand-new “Disney Paint the Night” at Hong Kong Disneyland. The latest in LED lighting technology, magical story-telling, delightful music and dynamic dance will come together as part of an audience interactive experience that together, reimagines the new dimension of Disney in the dark for our guests.
       華特迪士尼樂園及度假區創作娛樂部高級節目總監華文迪(Randy Wojcik) 表示:「迪士尼的夜間巡遊擁有逾40年歴史,創作團隊多年來仍不斷創新,追求更多更好的設計意念及技術發展。我們全新設計的『迪士尼光影匯』夜間巡遊,將會讓賓客投入一個晚間戶外跳舞大派對,享受香港迪士尼樂園不一樣的晚上景色。整個夜間巡遊故事由米奇的光影畫筆開始。」

“Disneyland’s nighttime parades have been around for four decades, and the creative team keeps developing and looking for the best concepts and ideas for creating new electric parades. We’ve created an all-new ‘Disney Paint the Night’ – which will change Hong Kong Disneyland’s nighttime landscape for ever more. Guests will be immersed in an outdoor evening dance party, during which they will experience an exciting new side of Hong Kong Disneyland,” said Randy Wojcik, Senior Show Director of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Creative Entertainment. “The story will begin with Mickey’s magical paintbrush.”

Boundless creativity brings seven unique Disney stories


With the wave of Mickey’s magical paintbrush, “Disney Paint the Night” brings you seven unique themed units to experience the glowing and kinetic evening entertainment with our effervescent Cast Members’ performance. A number of our Disney friends will join this exciting dance party: Tinker Bell will take the lead by sprinkling her scintillating pixie dust to illuminate the night at Hong Kong Disneyland. Other favorite Disney and Disney • Pixar friends, including Lightning McQueen from “Cars,” Sulley and Mike from “Monsters, Inc.,” Belle from “Beauty & the Beast,” Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Woody and Buzz from “Toy Story”, as well as our beloved Mickey, who takes center stage!

Cast Members are ready to bring the best performance yet!


To bring the never-before-seen nighttime entertainment to our guests, our Cast Members are getting ready to enhance their performance skills, dance moves and lighting technology know-how. Over 80 talented performers have spent over 3 months training with a variety of kinetic lighting props that will be used for the first time at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is also the first time Hong Kong Disneyland features female stilt walkers in a parade.


The brand-new “Disney Paint the Night” is a nighttime entertainment experience that cannot be missed. It will transform Hong Kong Disneyland with fantastic visions that come to “light” the streets every night!

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1. 「迪士尼光影匯」夜間閃亮巡遊(Disney Paint the Night Parade) 將於今年10月登場!

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