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2014年7月16日 星期三

「迪士尼黑色世界 2014」表演者 應徵人數破紀錄!

應徵踴躍    人數破紀錄

Disney’s “Haunted Halloween” 2014
Record-high Number of Applicants Join Audition

       未到萬聖節,一班嘩鬼已經急不及待,勢要在「黑色世界」爭奪一席位。香港迪士尼樂園今日(2014年7月13日) 在香港迪士尼樂園酒店會議中心,舉行兩場面試,招聘約120名萬聖節「黑色世界」表演者,吸引近550人參加,應徵人數破歷年紀錄。

With Halloween creeping closer, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) hosted two interview sessions at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Conference Center earlier today(July 13, 2014) as part of efforts to bring 120 new performers onboard for the park’s upcoming seasonal events. Around 550 performers gave their ghoulish best at the auditions, setting a record-high number of applicants.


Creativity, courage, and good reaction-times are all essential for those wishing to join as Cast Members for the Haunted Halloween 2014 event. At the audition, applicants were asked to participate in two rounds of interviews assessing their dancing and acting skills. Candidates mimicked a few basic dancing moves as performed by the resort’s team of professionals, and then were tasked with reciting short monologues to see if their acting skills and personality were a good match with the resort’s recruitment needs. 


HKDL is seeking about 120 Halloween performers to join the Hong Kong Disneyland team from mid-August to October 31. To maintain the resort’s show quality, three weeks of professional training and rehearsal will be provided by HKDL’s Entrainment and Costuming team for those chosen to “haunt” the park this Halloween. 

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