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2015年10月15日 星期四

迪士尼 與 Open Bionics 合作推出小童專用義肢

華特迪士尼公司(The Walt Disney Company)旗下的「Industrial Light & Magic」與義肢生產商「Open Bionics」合作製作出以《魔雪奇緣》(FROZEN)、漫威(MARVEL)以及《星球大戰》(Star Wars)為主題的小童專用義肢,藉此讓更多小孩可以成為心目中的愛莎女皇(Queen Elsa)、「鐵甲奇俠」(Iron Man)以及「絕地武士」(Jedi Knight)!

官方新聞稿(Official Press Release):
ILMxLAB Teams with Open Bionics to create Disney-inspired bionic hands for amputee kids

Changing the world one hand at a time.

Open Bionics collaborated with ILMxLAB and the ILM Art Department to create the next generation of bionic hands for young amputees. The ILM team provided design concepts for the Marvel, Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars inspired bionic hands. Numerous initial design concepts were created and from that group three deisigns selected to move into production including: From the Marvel Universe, the Iron Man hand, inspired by Star Wars Lightsabers, the Star Wars Lightsaber hand and inspired by Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, the Snowflake hand.

ILMxLAB Creative Director, John Gaeta, explained, “ILMxLAB is thinking about the remarkable potential for conceptual robotics design and what better way to embrace that then help bring some emotion and imagination to the type of robotics that can change people’s lives. It’s an area where science fiction is converging on everyday fact. We want to be part of that as the lines blur. According to Open Bionics there are an estimated 2 million hand amputees worldwide. Most have no prosthesis and due to the high cost associated with traditional robotic hands very few have access to those either. Open Bionics are changing that and by focusing on creating low-cost, open source 3D printed robotic hands they are starting a revolution that I hope ripples through the industry and make a real difference to those in need.”

Kids around the world are not just getting medical devices, they’re getting bionic hands inspired by their favorite characters. The Walt Disney Company is generously donating the time of its creative teams and providing royalty free licenses.

Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, & Open Bionics

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