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2015年10月29日 星期四

TDL「星際旅行:冒險續航」(“Star Tours: The Adventures Continue”)將於2016年2月加入《星球大戰:原力覺醒》的元素!

東京迪士尼度假區(Tokyo Disney Resort)以及其營運公司Oriental Land Co.正式公佈將於2016年2月為遊樂設施「星際旅行:冒險續航」(“Star Tours: The Adventures Continue”)加入《星球大戰:原力覺醒》的場景以及星戰人物,而一系列的《星球大戰:原力覺醒》亦會在今年12月登場!

官方新聞稿(Official Press Release):

Coming to Tokyo Disneyland
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue – Special Version
Featuring a New Adventure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens ™

Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the attraction, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, at Tokyo Disneyland ® Park will include a new adventure starting in early February 2016*. In this popular attraction , Guests will meet new characters and go on an adventure to an iconic world from the film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ™, which opens worldwide on December 18.  Fans of the Star Wars films, and even Guests who are unfamiliar with them, will be able to thoroughly enjoy this new world of excitement at Tokyo Disneyland.

Special merchandise themed to the Star Wars films will go on sale in advance at Tokyo Disneyland from December 1, 2015.   In addition , popcorn buckets with a motif of the popular Star Wars character R2 – D2 will be sold from December 18, 2015.

From mid – December, for a limited time, Park tickets that are purchased through Disney’s eTicket online system and printed out at home will have special designs with elements of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Also, Day Pass Tickets for the Disney Resort Line monorail trains will have special designs themed to the film and will be available from early February 2016, for a limited time.

*The operation period for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue with the new adventure will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.  After the special version period ends, this new adventure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be combined with the regular version of the attraction as one of the randomly selected scenes.

Not all experiences will include these new scenes.
Note: Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is sponsored by JCB Co., Ltd

Tokyo Disney Resort

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