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2016年4月28日 星期四

香港迪士尼樂園 與 國泰航空 及 港龍航空 呈獻「快樂家庭套票」(“Happy Family Package”)

為慶祝 香港迪士尼樂園 10週年,國泰航空港龍航空 特別推出「快樂家庭套票」(“Happy Family Package”),台灣賓客可以由即日起至2016年6月30日到指定旅行社購買套票。「快樂家庭套票」包含 兩張成人和一張兒童的台灣台北台中、高雄)與香港來回機票 以及 兩張成人和一張兒童的香港迪士尼樂園一日門票。

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland, starting from today to June 30, 2016, Cathay Pacific & Dragonair are introducing the “Happy Family Package” to the guests from Taiwan!  “Happy Family Package” is provided by Appointed Travel Agents of Cathay Pacific or Dragonair.  The package consists of round trip air tickets between Taiwan and Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Disneyland Park (“Park”) Tickets, for 2 Adults and 1 Child.

售價:新台幣 13,700元起
Price:Starting from TWD13,700

詳情及購買請洽以下 指定旅行社:
- 東南旅行社(02-4128688)
- 可樂旅遊(02-4128111)
- 雄獅旅遊(02-87939660)
- 五福旅遊(02-21750123)
- 良友旅行社(02-66185160)
- 喜泰旅行社麗寶旅遊(02-77366786)
- 鳳凰旅遊(02-25378111)
- 泰星旅遊(02-27527328)
- 易遊網(02-4128001)
- 易飛網(02-77250800)
- 燦星旅遊(02-81783000)
- 吉帝旅遊(02-25675678)
- 天擎旅行社(02-25182118)

For more details, please approach the Appointed Travel Agents:
South East (02-4128688)
Comfort (02-4128111)
Lion (02-87939660)
Life Travel (02-21750123)
Visa Int'l (02-77366786)
Phoenix Tours Int'l (02-25378111)
Greatstar (02-27527328)
EZTravel (02-4128001)
EZFly (02-77250800)
Star (02-81783000)
Tourex (02-25675678)


兌換日期:2016年4月7日 至 2016年6月30日(未在指定期間内完成兑換者,視同放棄,不可折換現金)

兌換內容:3張1日門票,包括2張標準門票(12至64歲) 及 1張小童門票(3至11歲),限兌換當日入園,不可折換現金。且須受樂園門票使用細則與條款限制。

兌換憑證:須同時出示三位旅客的「快樂家庭套票」 電子機票影本**、有效及附有照片之身份証明,售票亭人員將收下該電子機票影本歸檔,不退還。

兌換地點: 香港迪士尼樂園入口售票亭,時間由樂園開放至關門前一小時

Points to Note for Park Ticket redemption:

Redemption Period: April 7 – June 30, 2016 。(Park Tickets not redeemed within the period specified above will be forfeited, neither can they be refunded nor exchanged for cash.)

Redemption Content: Three 1-Day Tickets, being 2 General Admission Tickets and 1 Child Ticket. Tickets are valid on date of redemption. Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable, void if altered or not validated by Hong Kong Disneyland, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Redemption credentials: 3 guests must present hard copies of their “Happy Family Package” electronic tickets** and their valid photo ID for verification at the time of redemption. The electronic ticket copies will be collected upon redemption.
**The ticket must be printed with “V9HKDL1” in the endorsement box for verification.  Duplicate ticket number will not be honoured.

Redemption Location: Ticket booths at the Main Entrance Hong Kong Disneyland Park from the park open to one hour before the park close.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Cathay Pacific , & Dragonair

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