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2016年8月30日 星期二

上海迪士尼度假區 揭曉參展2016年「上海旅遊節」花車設計

上海迪士尼度假區 揭曉參展2016年「上海旅遊節」花車設計 歡慶夢想開幕年

Shanghai Disney Resort to Celebrate Grand Opening with New Parade Float at the 2016 Shanghai Tourism Festival


Shanghai Disney Resort will make a highly-anticipated appearance at the 2016 Shanghai Tourism Festival Parade with a magnificent newly designed float in honor of the resort’s recent Grand Opening. The Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Float will welcome guests from near and far to visit the new resort during its historic opening year, and promote more tourists to visit Shanghai.

       在過去兩年的「上海旅遊節」,上海迪士尼度假區的巡遊花車 連續兩年 被評選為「最受歡迎花車」。今年,度假區全新的花車設計特別融入了「夢想開幕」元素,展現適合各年齡層的精彩遊樂項目和娛樂演出。

Shanghai Disney Resort has already been voted the “most popular float” in the fun-filled parade for two consecutive years. This year, Shanghai Disney Resort has specially designed the new float to celebrate its historic Grand Opening, introducing the resort’s spectacular attractions and entertainment to guests of all ages.


“It is truly an honor to be part of the fantastic Shanghai Tourism Festival Parade in our Grand Opening year,” said Philippe Gas, General Manager of Shanghai Disney Resort, “We created this float in honor of the Grand Opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, and are delighted to invite guests from China and around the world to come to Shanghai to visit our latest vacation destination, and inspire them to ‘Ignite the Magical Dream’ within their hearts.”

       多層次的大型「夢想開幕」花車體現了度假區的美麗、神奇和歡樂,同時利用剪影展示了上海迪士尼樂園的六大主題園區——「米奇大街」、「奇想花園」、「夢幻世界」、 「寶藏灣」、「探險島」和「明日世界」的特色。花車的視覺中心是上海迪士尼樂園的地標 —— 全球迪士尼最高、最大、最具互動性的「奇幻童話城堡」的金色模型。十三位備受喜愛的「迪士尼朋友,包括米奇和他的朋友們,以及 最新熱門動畫電影《瘋狂動物城》中的明星角色,將在花車上向沿街遊客和電視機前的觀眾致以熱情的問候。

The float epitomizes the full range of beauty, wonder, and entertainment available at Shanghai Disney Resort. The larger-than-life, multi-level float features silhouettes of icons evoking the six-themed lands at the resort’s Shanghai Disneyland theme park: Adventure Isle, Fantasyland, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Treasure Cove, and Tomorrowland. The grand centerpiece of the float is a glittering golden replica of the resort’s famed Enchanted Storybook Castle - the largest castle in any Disney park or resort around the world. Thirteen popular Disney Characters—including Mickey Mouse and his pals and the stars from the new hit animated film, “Zootopia”—will grace the decks of the float, waving to viewers, and sharing the joy with all the spectators along the parade route and millions of viewers across China.


Adding to the sense of pageantry, dozens of dancers who wear colorful Shanghai vintage style costumes, with a few hidden Mickeys, will perform at street level, guiding the float down the parade route, and providing a memorable, entertaining spectacle sure to captivate viewers of all ages. In addition, six performers wearing elaborate fan costumes representing the six themed lands will mingle amongst the dancers and greet spectators along the parade route.

       上海迪士尼度假區「夢想開幕」花車將在9月10日 第27屆「上海旅遊節」開幕花車大巡遊中正式亮相,9月11日至10月6日期間,還將在全市其他多個區縣主要街道巡遊,期待與更多上海市民和遊客們分享來自迪士尼的神奇體驗。

The float will debut on September 10th, 2016 at the grand opening parade of the 27th Shanghai Tourism Festival. Afterward, it will set out for a road show through several Shanghai districts from September 11th to October 6th, allowing more local residents and tourists to enjoy this Disney magical experience.

© 上海迪士尼度假區
© Shanghai Disney Resort

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