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2017年1月20日 星期五

A COLORFUL HOMECOMING ──「Main Street Electrical Parade」正式回歸 加洲迪士尼樂園(Disneyland Park)(2017年1月)!

「Main Street Electrical Parade」定於2017年1月20日至6月18日期間回歸 加洲迪士尼樂園(Disneyland park),而當地園方更特意安排在2017年1月19日舉行回歸首演活動(須額外收費)以慶祝這個經典巡遊回歸樂園。

「Main Street Electrical Parade」於1972年6月17日在加洲迪士尼樂園(Disneyland park)首演,並於1996年11月25日完結。巡遊及多架原裝的花車於其後分別在迪士尼加洲冒險樂園(Disney California Adventure)以及「神奇王國」樂園(Magic Kingdom)亮相。

Full Show Video

為迎接「Main Street Electrical Parade」回歸樂園,當地園方與 Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group 合作創作出一段特別的宣傳影片,並於2017年1月上旬播出,片中包含多件已在樂園完成了歷史任務的物件,值得各位粉絲逐一細心地欣賞。


加洲迪士尼樂園度假區(Disneyland Resort)更在Facebook專頁上分享一段後續片段,宣傳片中的廠庫是來自「Area 64658」區域,以下的片段是由一部名為「DL-55」的閉路電視監視攝錄機 所指攝,當中的「DL」代表着 Disneyland,而「55」則代表着樂園開幕年份 1955年。

~ Fun Facts ~

The Legacy
600,000 lights sparkle in the parade’s nighttime journey from Small World Mall in Fantasyland to Town Square on Main Street, U.S.A. (approximate number).
22 floats illuminate the parade route at Disneyland, nearly doubling the number of floats from the parade’s debut (12) in 1972.
7 films are represented in the parade: “Alice in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” “Peter Pan,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Pinocchio,” “Dumbo” and “Pete’s Dragon.”
27 beloved Disney characters perform throughout the show including Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell.
80 parade performers (estimated number per night) bring the magic to light including 10 To Honor America patriots, 16 royal court dancers and the Seven Dwarfs.
35 dazzling, lighted costumes are worn by the parade performers.
8 jittering insect floats spin and dance for guests during the “Alice in Wonderland” sequence.
‧At 18 1/2 feet high, the Clock Tower in the “Cinderella” sequence of the parade, is the tallest float.
‧At 118 feet long, the To Honor America float is the longest float in the parade. It was added in 1979 after the success of the bicentennial tribute parade “America on Parade.”
‧At 5,600 pounds, the massive Elliot float, added in 1977 for the release of “Pete’s Dragon,” measures 16 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 38 feet long.
2 composers, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley, wrote the iconic synthesizer piece known as “Baroque Hoedown” in 1967, and the song was adapted for the Main Street Electrical Parade in 1972, interwoven with classic Disney themes to create the now iconic parade soundtrack.
6 different colors of light bulbs flash throughout the parade, in amber, blue, green, chartreuse, red and pink.
150,000 glowing amber lights are used in the production, the most of any color.
80 highly skilled cast members were involved in the creation of Main Street Electrical Parade, including 20 designers and 60 craftspeople.
5 Disney Parks have presented versions of the Main Street Electrical Parade including Disneyland, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.


‧Nearly 3,600 performances entertained guests at Disneyland from June 17, 1972 to Nov. 25, 1996.
900 miles is the approximate distance traveled by the Main Street Electrical parade during its original run at Disneyland, nearly the distance from Anaheim, Calif., to Seattle, Wash.
‧In 2005, Main Street Electrical Parade creator and former director of entertainment Robert Jani was inducted as a Disney Legend.
June 17, 1972, marked the debut of the Main Street Electrical Parade, and it returns for its encore performance 45 years later – Jan. 20-June 18, 2017.
500,000 hand-tinted white miniature bulbs twinkled each night in the early versions of the parade.
500 miles of wiring were used to light the floats during early years of the parade, enough to travel to the top of the Matterhorn and back nearly 9,000 times.
‧Approximately 75 million guests viewed the Main Street Electrical Parade during its original run at Disneyland.

Disneyland Resort
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