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2017年3月6日 星期一

上海迪士尼度假區(Shanghai Disney Resort)迎接開幕後的首個「婦女節」(International Women’s Day)!

上海迪士尼度假區 為女性遊客打造神奇「婦女節」
Shanghai Disney Resort Celebrates Magical Women’s Day with Female Guests

       上海迪士尼度假區 即將迎來開幕後的首個「三八婦女節」。從即日起至3月8日,度假區將呈現特別為女性遊客打造的系列主題活動,包括 米妮 首度領銜「上海迪士尼樂園樂團」、最新「迪士尼朋友」雪莉玫* 參與賓客互動合影、豐富多彩的「迪士尼小鎮」節日及購物體驗等,以迪士尼獨有的方式與女性遊客共同慶祝這一特別的節日。

To commemorate the first International Women’s Day since the resort’s grand opening, from today through March 8, Shanghai Disney Resort is hosting an extended Women’s Day celebration featuring an array of themed events and inspiring activities specially designed for female guests. During the festival, Minnie Mouse will take the helm of the Shanghai Disneyland Band for the first time ever, the recently introduced new Disney character, ShellieMay, will mingle and snap photos with guests, and the bustling Disneytown will be bursting with festivities and shopping experiences for women of all ages. 

Disney Characters Offer Unforgettable Women’s Day Experiences

        為了慶祝這一女性的專屬節日,最受歡迎的女性「迪士尼朋友」 ── 米妮將驚喜現身,在節日慶祝期間首度代替米奇領帶「上海迪士尼樂園樂團」,在「米奇大街」上與滑稽有趣的樂師們帶來精彩的表演,與遊客歡慶這個屬於女性的節日。這支平均由米奇領的樂隊,每天用儀仗隊樂器演奏和表演,為「米奇大街」上的賓客增添歡樂詼諧的氣氛。

To celebrate this special festival of women, one of Disney’s most iconic female characters, Minnie Mouse, will take the baton from Mickey Mouse to lead the Shanghai Disneyland Band, adding her charm and happiness to the show as she guides the talented musicians through a delightful performance on Mickey Avenue. The Shanghai Disneyland Band brings an added splash of magic to Mickey Avenue every day, typically led by Mickey Mouse, featuring gleaming marching band instruments.

        上海迪士尼度假區 的「萌妹子」── 雪莉玫* 也將首次參加到「迪士尼朋友」的隊伍中,與賓客親密合影。繼「迪士尼小熊」達菲^ 之後,有着淡藍色眼睛、長睫毛、戴着可愛蝴蝶結的雪莉玫* 將在 上海迪士尼樂園 開啟一段全新旅程。想與 雪莉玫* 有親密合羨煞朋友圈的賓客,「婦女節」的時機不容錯過。而剛於近期推出即萌倒大量賓客 雪莉玫* 系列商品,更是最佳的節日禮物選擇。

During the festival, ShellieMay – the lovable friend of Duffy Bear – will join Disney friends to meet and greet guests in the park. ShellieMay’s sky-blue eyes, long, bashful eyelashes and cute bowknot will captivate guests, and make for a picture-perfect opportunity to share with friends on social media. ShellieMay also made the latest addition to Shanghai Disney Resort’s merchandise last month and the adorable collection offers great gifts for Women’s Day.


As Shanghai Disneyland opens on the official International Women’s Day, March 8, a gathering of popular female Disney Characters will greet guests on Mickey Avenue to give a special welcome for their big day.

        在 上海迪士尼樂園,各年齡層女性都能在此獲得屬於自己的快樂,找到內心或公主或女王的神奇力量。樂園包含各種適合女性遊客暢玩的景點和娛樂體驗:漫步在全球最高,最大的「奇幻童話城堡」裡變身公主,體會皇室禮遇;乘坐「創極速光輪」追求自由灑脫;與孩子看一場「冰雪奇緣:歡唱盛會」** 領略勇氣的力量;或是與閨蜜在「小米大廚烘培坊」一同享用充滿迪士尼元素的下午茶。

The theme park’s world-class attractions and boundless entertainment offer something for everyone. Young ladies can experience the royal treatment while wandering through the Enchanted Storybook Castle – the largest Disney castle in any Disneyland around the world. Women with adventuring spirit can enjoy the thrill and freedom felt on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run. Mothers and daughters can revel in the strength, courage and resolve from the memorable show “Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration”. Friends can gather for a relaxing afternoon tea and treats at Rémy's Patisserie.

Disneytown Broadens the Celebration with Women of All Ages

        3月3日至8日的節日慶賀期間,「迪士尼小鎮」將充滿各種適合女性遊客的節日體驗。除每日有驚喜時刻為女性送上玫瑰花外,各商店也紛紛加入慶祝,為女性遊客帶去驚喜。成人女性能在絲芙蘭悅詩風吟店體驗免費化妝和美甲,寵愛自己;或與姊蜜在悅詩風吟店體驗一把單車VR,一邊騎單車一邊俯瞰韓國濟州島風景,購物娛樂兩誤;甚至小女孩們也有專屬的免費體驗 ── 全國唯一一家提供兒童創意化妝台和展示台的絲芙蘭迪士尼小鎮店將為兒童提供免費DIY模擬化妝,當媽媽在化妝或購物時,孩子們可以在紙臉上調色化妝。

In Disneytown, female guests can enjoy surprise gifts of fragrant roses while enjoying the shops, alleyways and atmosphere entertainment throughout the March 3 - 8 Women’s Day celebrations.  Participating shops will also host fun events and promotions to cater to female shoppers. Innisfree is hosting a make-up and nail salon for female guests to treat themselves with a relaxing makeover and revel in their day. An exclusive virtual reality bicycling experience will also be offered in the store where guests can cycle virtually throughout South Korea’s Jeju Island. Sephora is hosting a unique make-up salon with beautiful new color pallets and a creative made-for-kids make-up stand where children can mix colors and decorate paper faces while mothers are treated to makeovers.

       每個女生心中都住著一位公主。度假區專為女性設計的時尚公主系列商品,以及與 潘多拉 攜手推出的各種含有「迪士尼公主」元素和「奇幻童話城堡」造型的串飾,是送給大小女神們最好的節日禮物。

There is a princess or queen in every woman. The uniquely designed Disney Fashion Princess collection and PANDORA Princess jewelry offers an ideal gift for women of all ages. These collections integrate the unique characteristics and elements of each of our Princesses and the Enchanted Storybook Castle. 

© 上海迪士尼度假區
© Shanghai Disney Resort




** 香港譯名:《魔雪奇緣》

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