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2017年6月23日 星期五

香港迪士尼樂園 誠邀「奇妙處處通」會員 參加「『鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅』史達工業考察團」(“Iron Man Experience: Stark Industries Revealed”)

“Iron Man Experience: Stark Industries Revealed”


We welcome you to the amazing world of Stark Industries!  Stark Industries representative will be your guide in Stark Expo to show you Stark’s legacy along with their latest innovations.  You will learn all about Stark Expo’s mission and their milestones of advancements.  Get a glimpse at the newest inventions that will improve our future and even transform the world. You will also get a chance to see a new Iron Wing which is under testing!

        「奇妙處處通」會員可以與另一位會員以每位 港幣 $168,體驗這次考察團。名額有限,請即登記,了解更多有關「史達工業」的最新科技!

Magic Access Members can bring another Member for HK $168 per person to join this experience.  Availability is limited, register now and explore the latest technologies of Stark Industries.

Exclusive Access to Stark Industries'

        一個千載難逢的機會,讓你可以深入「史達科技展」,了解「史達工業」的歷史及認識 東尼史達先生 創造的突破性發明,如何令未來生活更美好。

You are given a rare opportunity to learn more about the legacy of Stark Industries. Tony Stark and his company have been creating advanced technologies with a vision that can transform the entire world.

Fly High with Iron Man plus a glimpse of a “never-been-seen” Iron Wing

        參加者將會乘坐科技展特別版「鐵甲號」# 飛越香港壯麗上空,更有機會參觀全新測試中的「鐵甲號」,揭開飛行車背後的秘密科技。

Participants can ride on the Expo Edition Iron Wing# and enjoy a thrilling aerial tour of Hong Kong. Participants may also get an exclusive chance to take a closer look of a Iron Wing which is under testing, and discover the new technologies behind-the-scene.

# 參加者身高須為102厘米或以上,及合符「鐵甲奇俠飛行之旅」的安全指示方可登上遊樂設施。

# Participants must meet the height limit of 102cm and is subject to safety instructions when boarding the ride.

- 2017年6月30日
- 2017年7月1、7、8、13、14、15、20、21、22、27、28及29日
- 2017年8月3、4、5、10、11及12日

- June 30, 2017
- July 1, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29, 2017
- August 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12, 2017


Tour starts 45 minutes prior to the “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks start time.
For the fireworks schedule, please refer to on-day Times Guide or

Duration : About 1 hour

收費 :每位會員 港幣 $168元正
Amount : HK $168 per Member

名額 :每團18人,先到先得,額滿即止
Quota : 18 Members for each tour on first-come-first-served basis

Language: Cantonese

Gathering Point: In front of Expo Shop, Tomorrowland

- 所有參加者必須均已年滿10歲或以上並均良於步行及上落樓梯。
- 登上「鐵甲號」之賓客需遵守安全指示。
- 所有參加者穿著的鞋子均須為密頭鞋並不可露出腳跟 (如運動鞋);不可穿著涼鞋、露趾或露跟鞋。
- 不得於後台區域或地庫範圍內使用相機、攝錄器材或手提電話進行拍攝及/或錄影。
- 考察團進行期間,主辦單位會收取及保存所有參加者之「奇妙處處通」會員卡,並會於完成整個考察團後發還。

- All Participants must be aged 10 or older and physically fit for a brief walk and on staircases.
- Guests who board on Iron Wing must follow the safety instructions.
- All Participants should wear shoes with closed heels and toes (such as sneakers); no sandals, open-toe or open-heel shoes will be permitted.
- No camera, video equipment or cell phones may be used in basement area or backstage area inside the attraction.
- Magic Access Membership Card of each Participant will be collected and retained until completion of the Tour.

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